About The Artist

About Artist Dave White

Born in in Ohio, I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and was gifted with a natural talent and joy for creating art. 

I have degrees in Accounting and Spanish and have had a professional career, yet my life energy for the past several years has been channeled towards continuing to create and share art, and I am grateful for the support of my customers. Much of my artwork is influenced by my world travels (mostly within Latin America), learning from the wisdom of nature, and by my love of coffee.

I’ve traveled to many places in Latin America, briefly lived in Spain, and lived in rural Costa Rica for 2 1/2 years. The Mother of my 3 kids comes from a large family of Central and South American ancestry, so I have been immersed n those cultures since 2004. These travels and life experiences have influenced much of the art that I create. Since 2008, I’ve lived in Northern Virginia, and enjoy basketball, yoga, meditation, spiritual exploration, hiking, cooking, homeschooling my kids, and more.

Contact me by email at dave@davewhiteartist.com, or by phone at (703) 509-3032.


Painting a Mural at Lost Rhino Retreat
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