About and Contact

My life dream is to create beautiful art. Many of my paintings are inspired by scenes in Northern Virginia and the surrounding region, which has been my home since 2008, as well as Latin America and Spain. For 2 1/2 years, I lived in rural Costa Rica, and prior to this, for a shorter time in Seville, Spain. I’ve also traveled to a few other countries in Latin America. Fluent in Spanish, I’m also deeply familiar with Hispanic cultures, as the extended family of my 3 kids (on their Mother’s side) are from Central and South America.

My online art shops include:

  • Artist Dave White – Fine Art Painting Prints inspired by travels in Virginia, Latin America and Spain
  • The Office Art Guy – Personalized work gifts and funny office art
  • Global Heart Gifts – Map designs of world countries and U.S. states on high quality items for your home decor and gift giving occasions!
  • Fertile Soil Art (coming soon!)  – Art prints of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and medicinal plants, to inspire a healthy, Mother Earth connected life.
  • Co-Creator of Sun Rae Art – yoga art prints

Born in Ohio, I grew up in Indiana in the 80’s and 90’s (I fondly remember life before the internet!) and enjoy basketball, hiking, cooking, exploring outdoors, natural health and yoga.


Painting a Mural at Lost Rhino Retreat
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