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About Artist Dave White


Born in 1984 in Ohio, I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and have loved to create works of art since I was a little kid. Going to the art supplies store was for me the quintessential “kid in a candy store” experience. Drawing and painting have always been one of my favorite joys in life.

My style of painting is not informed by any particular method of instruction, as I’ve never taken any art lessons or instruction, beyond the most basic required courses in school. In fact, I have degrees in Accounting and Spanish. It’s just a talent that I’ve been blessed with, which I have practiced and refined over my lifetime.

I first started making paintings for others when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in a small village in Costa Rica called La Cruz de Abangares, during my free time. My neighbors there would find out that I’m an Artist and ask me to paint things for them, such as a sign for their business, or a mural on the side of their store. During my last year of service in Costa Rica, I painted several large murals on the exterior of the local school.

After 2 1/2 years there, I moved to Northern Virginia in 2008, where I’ve lived ever since. Through word of mouth, coworkers, friends and family would find out I’m an Artist, and invariably ask me to paint pictures for them. This eventually expanded to more clients that would find me through this website, and has turned into a full-fledged business, which really has always been a dream of mine. Over the past decade +, I’ve had the pleasure to complete a wide variety of commissioned paintings, drawings and murals. A few years ago, I began to offer prints for sale of my work, as well as designs on mugs, shirts, ornaments and more. In addition, I’ve created another niche art store that vibes with my accounting background (The Office Art Guy).

Nowadays I work as both a self-employed Artist and Accountant. I have 3 kids, and enjoy basketball, exercise, yoga, travel, cooking, and learning about many subjects (economy, health, education, and more), through paradigms and perspectives that I’ve found are not yet part of the mainstream societal narratives. Some of my favorite authors, speakers and thinkers include Charles Eisenstein, Orland Bishop, Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, Dr. Zach Bush, Russell Brand, Nick Ortner, Aubrey Marcus, Bruce Lipton, Mike Winner, among many others!

Contact me by email at dave@davewhiteartist.com, or by phone at (703) 509-3032.

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