About Artist Dave White

Artist Dave White Painting Malgudi Veg Mural
Artist Dave White sketching Malgudi Days mural at Malgudi Veg in Ashburn

My earliest childhood memories include sitting at our living room table, with art supplies spread out everywhere, and creating art. It was pure joy! Artistic talent is a natural gift that I was lucky to be blessed with.

I was born in Lima, Ohio, grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and lived in Indiana until I graduated from the University of Indianapolis with degrees in Accounting and Spanish. My Mom left her work to raise me, my brother and sister, while my Dad worked for nearly 40 years operating freight trains. Besides making art, my best childhood memories include freely roaming the neighborhood, playing basketball, baseball and street hockey, and always being outside. I was part of the last generation to grow up free of internet and connected devices.

After graduating college, I volunteered with the Peace Corps as part of a Community Economic Development program in Costa Rica, where I lived for over two years in a small rural town. While there, I was completely immersed in the local community and worked cooperatively on several small business development projects, and extensively with the youth. Looking back on it, they do very well with minimal materialism, strong community ties, and a life lived outdoors with abundant nature. Perhaps poor by mainstream economic standards, they are wealthy in many non-monetary ways. I don’t believe they need our system of credit-based economic development, competition, and the need for never-ending growth!

Nowadays, I live in Ashburn, Virginia, with my wife (a Children’s Yoga Teacher and Dance Movement Therapist), two sons, and third child expected later this year.

As an Artist, I’ve painted numerous public and private murals, as well as commissioned paintings of all kinds. With what feels like never-ending creative ideas, I also sell art prints and graphic designs on a variety of products at the following Etsy stores:

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