About Artist Dave White

I’m blessed to be a Dad of two boys and husband of my wife Brigitta, a Children’s Yoga Teacher and Dance Movement Therapist. A lifelong Artist, I work together with my clients to create custom fine art paintings, whether a portrait, mural, their house, a pet, or any number of other subjects.

Born in 1984 in Lima, Ohio, I grew up on the outskirts of Fort Wayne, Indiana. My Mom left her career to raise me, my brother and sister, while my Dad worked for nearly 40 years operating freight trains as a railroad engineer, or what you’d call a ‘railroader’. I always knew that I was meant to be an Artist, and have loved to paint and draw since I can remember!

Though I had success academically, I didn’t quite know what to do with myself after graduating high school. The generally accepted path was to go to college, so I did just that and went to the University of Indianapolis on a scholarship. Though I loved art, I followed my mind over my gut instincts and chose to study Accounting. However, I did somewhat follow my real interests and also studied Spanish. This led me to study abroad in Spain, where I met my wife, also studying abroad. Approaching graduation, I had a strong urge to avoid entering the world of cubicles, and decided to apply for the Peace Corps. I was accepted into a Community Economic Development program in Costa Rica, where I lived for over two years in a small village. Believing I was doing good in bringing America’s idea of development there, I worked with small businesses and youth in schools, and even led the formation of a community-owned bank. Looking back now, I don’t believe they need our system of credit-based economic development, competition, and the need for never-ending growth…they are for the most part very happy with much less material stuff than us, but so much more life.

Coming back to the U.S. in 2008, I moved to Virginia, married my long-time girlfriend, and have worked both as an Artist and Accountant since then. My time spent in a number of different offices, combined with my artistic and somewhat satirical sense of humor, has fueled my ideas for ‘accounting art’ and office humor artwork (see The Accounting Artist). My complete immersion in Central American culture, through both the Peace Corps and my wife’s family, my fluency in Spanish, and my travels throughout Spain and Latin America are the inspiration for the artwork I create at Spanglish America. When not creating art, I’m busy with (and sometimes in over my head) raising my two boys!

Drawing on Driveway