Custom Paintings

Commission a Painting

Easy Process

My process for creating your custom painting is simple! We first discuss what you want, such as the size of the painting and the subject matter, and come to an agreement on the price and time-frame needed for completion. I ask for a 50% deposit up front to get started and the remaining amount due upon completion, though I am flexible about this if needed. I keep in touch with updates along the way and deliver your painting to you when finished! I paint and draw almost anything, from simple to complex projects, including murals, portraits, pets, houses, landscapes and seascapes, and more!

Pricing Ranges

My pricing varies depending upon size and complexity, and you can always get an accurate quote based on your specifications by using the contact form below. That said, I will try to give you an idea of what I charge! For smaller paintings that are simple in nature (i.e. a flower, line drawing, a whimsical and fun painting of your child’s name, etc.), prices generally range from $95 to $195. For more complex paintings (i.e. a medium to large-sized painting involving more detail, such as a flower garden, landscape, multiple animals, etc.), prices can range anywhere from $295 to $595. For portrait drawing and murals, which involve more time and precision, prices usually range anywhere from $595 to $1,000+, depending upon size and # of people in the portrait. Please let me know what you are thinking and I’m happy to discuss it with you in more detail!