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Easy way to enhance home decor with art!

Art prints are a quick and affordable way to decorate your home! I’ve recently opened a shop on Etsy – davewhiteARTstudio – where you can shop for fine art prints of different paper types and sizes, in a number of different subject categories, including:

  • Nursery and Kids Room Art

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  • Floral

  • Spain

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  • Coffee

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  • Loudoun County (where I live!)

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  • Beaches

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  • Accountants (unique art for Accountants…I was one for 10 years!)

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  • New York City

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with more being added!

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Evening Gold – Beach Painting

“Evening Gold” is a watercolor painting of warm sunset colors against a cool evening sky, with palm trees, mountains in the background, the ocean, and gold-hued sand. It’s painted in more of an impressionistic style, to give a dreamy effect, as if you can drift off and be there in your mind!

Prints on Fine Art Paper are available for purchase here, in size 14″ x 21″ or 16″ x 24″, with various framing options (sample below).

"tropical beach watercolor", "beach watercolor", "beach painting"
Golden Sands Watercolor Painting
16″ x 24″ White Frame

Organic Stretched Canvas for Artists

Green Artist Canvas is now offering both organic linen and organic hemp stretched canvases, in addition to the organic cotton canvases.

"green artist canvas"

Did you know that a vast majority of the world’s global cotton production is made from Monsanto’s genetically engineered cotton, which includes heavy doses of chemicals to cultivate? All of this toxicity ends up in the soil, in the water, in our food supplies, and ultimately, in our bodies, causing the degradation of our health.

That’s why I started Green Artist Canvas, as my small part in supporting sustainable uses of the Earth for something enjoyable, like creating art. Each canvas is made with a choice of organic cotton, organic linen or organic hemp, then stretched over heavy-duty FSC-certified wood stretcher bars with a 1.5″ deep profile depth, and triple-primed with a completely natural and 100% non-toxic gesso, made of marble dust, limestone powder and a plant-based glue.

"green artist canvas", "organic cotton canvas", "eco friendly canvas", "eco friendly art supplies"
Organic Cotton Canvas

These are heavy-duty professional canvases, made with sustainable and natural materials, at an accessible price on top of it all. They hold paints exceptionally well and you can definitely tell the difference from the commercially-produced, mass-manufactured canvases.

"green artist canvas", "organic cotton canvas", "organic artist canvas", "organic stretched canvas", "eco friendly art supplies"
Blanket-Folded Corners
"organic cotton canvas", "eco friendly canvas", "stretched artist canvas"
Canvas Back Stapled

If you have any questions about these canvases, just send an email to!

Great Blue Heron Painting

Oil Painting of Picturesque Nature

I was pretty lucky to have been able to do this painting. Earlier this summer, I was strolling my boys around the neighborhood we live in, and we were walking over by a forested creek where a colony of great blue herons can sometimes be seen flying about. I just happened to see through the trees a great blue heron slowly wading in the water, about 100 feet away. In that moment, I took off running with my camera and left my boys sitting on the path in their stroller. They probably wondered what the heck Dad was doing, although they seemed to get a kick out of it and were laughing. As I approached, I slowed down to practically walking on my tip toes so that the bird didn’t fly away! Luckily it didn’t, and I got to take several photos of it. There is nothing like seeing animals in their natural habitat from a good viewing distance!

Prints on Fine Art Paper are available in sizes 14″ x 14″ and 16″ x 16″, with various framing options, here.

"great blue heron painting", "great blue heron", "ashburn art", "ashburn artist", "loudoun artist", "heron painting"
Great Blue Heron – One Loudoun


New One Loudoun Barn Painting

"one loudoun barn", "the barn at one loudoun", "barn painting", "ashburn art", "ashburn artist", "ashburn painting", "dave white artist"

Original Painting of The Barn at One Loudoun

“The Barn in Summer”

Recently I had the pleasure to paint a commissioned painting of the barn located in the One Loudoun neighborhood. It’s painted on an 11″ x 14″ linen canvas, with oil, gouache and acrylic paints, and a tad bit of black ink! If you live in One Loudoun or in Ashburn and appreciate a beautiful red barn in your area, or have been there to take in a performing arts event or festival, you may consider purchasing a print of this painting, which are available with different size and framing options here.

To read about the history of the barn that this barn was modeled after, here is an article about it on from a few years ago.

"one loudoun barn", "the barn at one loudoun", "barn painting", "ashburn art", "ashburn artist", "ashburn painting", "dave white artist"
The Barn in Summer
The Barn in Summer – 16″ x 20″ Framed Print Sample

Route 7 Framed Painting

Here in Northern Virginia, Route 7 is one of the main roadways that is traversed by thousands of cars every day. It goes all the way from Winchester (near West Virginia) to Alexandria (across the river from Washington, DC). Heck, I even live just 5 minutes from Route 7. In fact, my mother-in-law has lived in various locations right off of Route 7 her whole entire life! Suffice it to say, it’s like a pulsating artery that carries life to and fro in Northern Virginia.

"route 7 art", "route 7 painting", "route 7"
Route 7 Northern Virginia – Original Acrylic and Gouache Painting

This 8 x 8 x 1.5 original painting shows Route 7 going from the mountains near Winchester to the famous trolleys of Alexandria on King Street, with the Washington Monument nearby. A state map of Virginia is also painted in. It is hand-framed with poplar wood that I painted white and attached to the canvas with finish nails. The canvas was hand-constructed with organic cotton, heavy-duty FSC-certified wood stretcher bars, and an all-natural, 100% non-toxic gesso primer.

"route 7 art", "ashburn artist", "ashburn art", "loudoun art", "loudoun artist", "route 7"
Route 7 Painting in Handmade Poplar Wood Frame

The original framed painting is available to purchase here.



New One Loudoun House Painting

I recently had the pleasure to do a house painting of a home in One Loudoun, on a hand-constructed 22″ x 28″ organic cotton canvas. This particular painting was done with acrylic and gouache paints, in a more modern style, rather than traditional realism. The homeowners asked that I include their cat, of which they shared a few photos, into the painting. So I was able to paint ‘Lefty’ looking out from the top step!

"one loudoun art", "house painting", "ashburn artist", "ashburn art", "dave white artist", "dave white art", "home painting"
One Loudoun House Painting

Here is a photo of the painting hanging in their home! Looks great!

Take Our Time; Brooklyn Bridge Ink Drawing

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A black ink drawing on paper of an empty Brooklyn Bridge, with a bench beckoning the viewer to sit and relax. Drawn on archival heavy-weight paper and framed in a 6″ x 8″ black frame!

The original 6′ x 8″ framed drawing is available for purchase here, as well as a larger-sized 18″ x 24″ print option on fine art paper.

brooklyn bridge art, brooklyn bridge drawing, brooklyn bridge illustration, nyc art, new york city art, new york city drawing
Take Our Time – Black and White Ink Drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge
Black Frame