Cafecito Ink Illustration, Spanglish America

As I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning sipping my dark roast coffee, a spark of creativity came over me and I drew this illustration. Somehow, I came up with this with two little boys in the room mini-fighting over their toys! Such is my usual morning coffee routine haha…my wife and I dream of the day when we can sit in peace. Though older parents tell us we’ll miss this!

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Cafecito Ink Illustration

This illustration is a part of my Spanglish America collection in a new Etsy shop I recently opened, which combines Spanish and English language artwork and Latino cultural designs.

The inspiration for Spanglish America? My family! I’m more of an old-school American whose family has been here since before the U.S. was a country, while my wife is a multi-cultural combination of various Latin American countries and a 1st-generation Latina. However, I speak fluent Spanish and have lived and traveled in Latin America and Spain. So, our two boys are mixed-race and mixed-culture! Such is the evolution of America. ; )


World of Roses

World Map Watercolor Painting

Recently I’ve started a series of 25 world map watercolor paintings for a translation/interpretation company (UNO Translations) to give to their clients for the New Year. Each painting has a unique design – this one is full of roses!

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World of Roses

Prints of this painting, on Fine Art Paper, are available in size 14″ x 21″ and 16″ x 24″, unframed or framed.

Here is a visual rendering of how this would look with a 2″ wide white frame:


Oil Portrait for the Holidays

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This portrait painting is going to be given as a surprise gift for Christmas from the husband to the wife!

Finishing a portrait painting always feels like a grand accomplishment to me. A lot of work goes into these, from the initial construction of the canvas, to measuring proportions and sketching out the image, to painting all of the details, subtle tonal changes, and adding depth through thin layers of paint!

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Surprise Oil Portrait Painting Gift

Progress on Portrait Painting

Here’s some recent progress on the portrait painting I’m currently working on:

Oil Portrait Progress

I just have to paint in the marina in the background, and her husband next to her! It’s still quite a bit of work left – each person takes around 20 hours to draw and paint. The background probably takes about 10 hours of work…and making the canvas is about 2 hours of work…for a rough estimate of about 52 hours of work! It should be a great gift and I’m looking forward to delivering the finished painting!

Painting Hair

Painting hair in a portrait painting can be rather tricky! If you’re like me and have very short hair, or even better yet (or worse?), if you’re bald, it’s rather easy. BUT, if you have a head full of curls, that is a whole ‘nother story!

I’m not sure how other Artists do it, but what I do is draw out all of the details of the hair, with proper proportional measurements, and start painting it all in with layer after layer, gradually blending it all together and getting the colors right. The lighting was low when I took this photo, so the colors are a little off, but here is a current shot of where I’m at with this portrait:

I need to soften up the lines a bit more on the blending of all of the strands of hair and continue adjusting the colors some, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely!

W&OD Trail Painting

Present and Past – W&OD Trail Map Artwork

The Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail is a popular outdoor trail here in Northern Virginia that runs a length of 45 miles, from Purcellville in western Loudoun County to urban Arlington, VA, close to Washington, DC! It’s popular for outdoor exercise nowadays, from biking to running to walking. In the past, it was used as a railroad, from 1859 to 1968!

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W&OD Trail Map Art on 12″ x 16″ Canvas

Description of Painting

This painting has a hand-drawn map at the top, done with ink and acrylic paint markers. In the middle are the words “W&OD Trail”, painted with acrylic paint. Below this are representations of both the current uses of the trail, as well as remnants of the historical past of the trail, when it used to be a railway. These representations include a sign that says “Serving Northern Virginia” painted onto the side of a passenger train, as well as railroad tracks below the walking, jogging and biking figures! It is painted on a hand-constructed organic cotton canvas made with 1.5″ heavy-duty FSC-wood stretcher bars and an all-natural limestone powder and marble dust gesso.

Available for purchase here.

Up Close View
Up Close View


New Portrait Oil Painting

Surprise Gift of Custom Art

This new portrait painting is of a husband and wife on vacation with a scene of sailboats in the background! It will be a surprise gift for the Mrs.

The unique mission for this painting was change the headshot of the wife from this photo for one from another photo, but to do it seamlessly so that it appears natural! With a little bit of math, I was able to do this and now have it all drawn out, ready to paint. This one will be done with top-quality oil paints on this hand-constructed organic cotton canvas:

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Portrait Progress

New Kids Yoga Art

With the new creations of kid’s yoga art (artwork ideas courtesy of my wife and sons!), I thought the artwork deserving of it’s own stand-alone website. If you like yoga, have kids, or have kids that like yoga, check out Kid’s Yoga Art and follow the blog to receive updates of new art!

With that new website now up, I’m going to revert this website back to fine art commissions, such as oil portraits and murals.

Here are a couple of recent kid’s yoga art paintings, available as art prints on the Kid’s Yoga Art Etsy shop.

One is a Golden Retriever doing downward dog and the other is of a colorful mooing cow doing Cow Pose!

"downward dog art", "dog doing downward dog", "dog doing down dog", "kids yoga art"
Golden Retriever Downward Dog
"cow pose", "cow pose art", "kids yoga art"
Colorful Cow, Cow Pose

Have a great weekend!