Pumpkin Art Activity for Kids

Painting Ninja Turtles Pumpkins (or whatever else you want!)

A fun activity for kids to do around Halloween time is to paint pumpkins! Carving is also fun but may be a bit advanced for little ones, so painting is another way to decorate them.

An idea we had was to paint the different colors of the ninja turtle bandanas onto the pumpkins. I may have been a bit overconfident that I could do a clean job with my 3 and 1.5 year-olds, but we got the job done (almost).

Painting Ninja Turtle Pumpkins

We used acrylic paint with disposable palette paper and a simple brush. After they had painted on the colors, I drew the bandanas on with a dark blue marker (still have to draw them for Donatello and Leonardo).

Ninja Turtle Pumpkin Bandanas

Your job might look a bit more refined depending on your kid’s ages, but the possibilities are endless! You could paint cute animals, witches, ghosts, goblins, pumpkin characters, or anything else you can dream of!


Tyrannosaurus Rex Yoga Artwork

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As part of my Kid’s Yoga Art collection on Etsy, I’ve added new artwork, this time of a smiling T-Rex doing downward dog! My sons got a kick out of this and requested that I frame it and hang it in their room.

Art prints are starting at $19.99 for an 8″ x 10″ and are available in green, purple, red, pink and blue.

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On Zazzle, you can find organic cotton kids t-shirts, baby shirts and stickers with this T-Rex yoga design.

Hope everyone is having a nice fall!

Apple Picking

Ninja Turtle Pumpkins Art

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My two boys are named Rafael and Angelo, which is close enough to Michaelangelo, and they have a cousin named Leo. That’s 3 out of the 4 teenage mutant ninja turtles! I don’t think I would name another son Donatello though…

In any case, one of my new paintings, given the fall season and upcoming Halloween holiday, is of ninja turtle pumpkins:

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Ninja Turtle Pumpkins

This artwork is available on boys and baby shirts, stickers and posters here.

Pumpkin Yoga Pose Artwork

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Kids Yoga Art for Fall and Halloween

Fall is finally here. Goodbye hot days, hello cool weather! Fall is definitely my favorite season, as I’m not a big fan of going around in a full-out sweat, but am a fan of colorful leaves, brisk weather, and homemade pumpkin spice lattes. Once fall hits, we start thinking about pumpkins and Halloween!

Original Yoga Pumpkin Paintings and Art Prints

Speaking of pumpkins, here are two new pumpkin yoga pose paintings, available as originals and art prints, or as organic onesies (below):

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Pumpkin Warrior Pose Kids Yoga Art Print
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Pumpkin Easy Pose Kids Yoga Art Print

Organic Pumpkin Yoga Onesies

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Pumpkin Easy Pose Organic Baby Onesie
"pumpkin baby onesie", "yoga baby onesie"
Pumpkin Warrior Pose Organic Baby Onesie

Stay tuned for some artwork of spooky owls, a spooky firetruck and a spooky police car!

A New Focus – Nursery Art and Children’s Art

Painting ‘A World of Wonder’

Dear blog followers! As I started working as an Artist full-time this year, I have realized over the past few months that I need help with focusing. My ideas have been all over the place, and so I’ve felt stretched thin to make them happen! So, with the helpful input of a friend and my wonderful wife, who is a Children’s Yoga Teacher and Dance Movement Therapist, I have decided to focus on nursery art and children’s art.

It helps that I’m also a ‘Daddy’ to two little boys that I am home with each and every day, so I am in the full throes of raising kids and get to witness their “world of wonder” each and every day. For this I am thankful, as it is a huge inspiration for my artwork!

"cute toddler drawing", "cute kid drawing"
Watering the Birds

To the future

Going forward, a majority of my artwork will be about exploring the world of childhood. This means animals, trucks, flowers, airplanes, unicorns, castles, yoga art, and lots of other imaginative things. I will still paint other subjects here and there, especially for special commissions, but it won’t be my main focus!

Where can we find your nursery art and children’s art?

On my Zazzle shop, stay tuned for lots of cool and affordable products, including organic baby clothing with cute designs, nursery art posters and prints, baby blankets, kids tshirts, and more! Some products are available now to check out.

Pink Rose Watercolor Organic Baby Shirt
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Tree Pose Apple Tree Organic Baby Shirt

Also on my Etsy shop, you can find art prints and can get a customized name painting for babies/kids, which are great gifts for baby showers and birthdays!

With this new focus for this stage of my life, I hope to re-invigorate your childhood sense of imagination and help to decorate lots of kid’s rooms with cool art!

Oil Painting of Work Boots

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Painting of Green Work Boots

As a man and an artist, I’ve always appreciated seeing paintings of men’s fashion, whether hats, belts, clothing, etc. Now, I’m from a place (Indiana) that is not exactly a hotbed of fashion, and I’ve never particularly cared at all about the fashion world. As a kid, I was accustomed to seeing my Dad, a railroad engineer, go out in dirty work boots and overalls. Notwithstanding that, I still try to look good with what I wear…it’s not like I’m going out in public in dad jeans!

In any case, this is my first attempt at painting men’s shoes!

"boots painting", "mens shoes painting", "men's shoes painting", "shoes painting", "shoe art"
Oil Painting of Green Boots – 9″ x 12″ on Canvas Paper

Florida Beach Paintings

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Florida on my Mind

Florida has always been a place close to my heart. I’ve been going there my entire life, as my grandmother lived in Palm Harbor, and Aunt and Uncle live in Clearwater Beach. My parents now live there in the same house that my grandmother lived in, so in many ways, it’s like a second home to me. What is really special is that my own kids now play with the same toys that I played with in my grandmother’s house, but now it’s their grandmother’s house!

This oil painting is an afternoon scene from a dock in Dunedin, near Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands.

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Pinellas Breeze

This oil painting is an afternoon scene from Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs.

"florida beach painting", "florida beach art", "beach painting", "beach oil painting", "florida seascape"
Pristine Florida

I wish all Floridians well in their recovery from Hurricane Irma! My parents escaped to Nashville, TN, where my brother currently lives, several days before it hit. The house survived just fine though, with just a few downed limbs and branches.