Paintings I’m Working On – Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market and Fireflies in a Jar

Hello all, Here are a couple photos of paintings that I’m currently working on! Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market Painting This one of the Old Town Alexandria farmers market is one that I had posted about last month. I’ve been slowly but surely working on finishing this one, and hope to complete it in theContinue reading “Paintings I’m Working On – Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market and Fireflies in a Jar”

Strength of Vision Painting

May we have the strength to see with our third eye to question to investigate to intuit to dare to differ from the majority to love the people we differ from to know and protect one’s self as a sovereign spiritual being and to live joyfully

Monarch Butterfly Photography, Words of Wisdom

There is a beautiful field nearby here, in Sterling, Virgnia, that is full of migrant monarch butterflies. I photographed this monarch last week and hand-embellished the photo with acrylic paint and the words “follow your internal compass”. It’s fascinating how monarchs annually navigate great distances along the North American continent, using their built-in GPS system!Continue reading “Monarch Butterfly Photography, Words of Wisdom”

Peace Tree Forest Art

This “Peace Tree” artwork was inspired by a peaceful walk through the forest with my kids, at Claude Moore Park in Sterling, Virginia. When I saw this tree, which has one trunk but two trees diverging out of it, I envisioned this peace hand signal! This artwork is a mixed media piece that combines photographyContinue reading “Peace Tree Forest Art”

Latin American Art – Painting of Indigenous Blanket Designs from Otavalo, Ecuador

A painting of indigenous blanket designs inspired by a visit to the artisan market in Otavalo, Ecuador.

Potomac River Geese Painting

This is a watercolor painting, painted in the golden ratio dimensions, of a flock of geese gliding over the Potomac River, during a late afternoon a few weeks ago. Every minute or two, for about the ten minutes we sat there watching this, another flock of geese would come, and they’d all gather in aContinue reading “Potomac River Geese Painting”

Potomac River Painting Great Blue Heron

This is a newly completed watercolor painting of the Potomac River on a sunny summer day, with a great blue heron standing watch on a rock! This view of the river is from the Virginia side, near Lansdowne, in Loudoun County. This dimensions of this painting are in the ‘golden ratio’, which is considered toContinue reading “Potomac River Painting Great Blue Heron”

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