Paintings in Progress – Kids Playing at Creek, Golden Gate Bridge

This past week I’ve started working on a couple new paintings: My boys playing at a forest creek on the first day of spring. This was at Runnymede Park in Herndon, Virginia. While exploring the forest and creek, we tried to track a large woodpecker that would briefly show itself, then fly away to anotherContinue reading “Paintings in Progress – Kids Playing at Creek, Golden Gate Bridge”

Bahia Honda Florida Keys Painting

A few days ago, I finished this commissioned oil painting of Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys! When I look at this painting, I feel adventure. I want to climb up the palm tree, cool off in the turquoise water, then get in my car and drive to the next island to exploreContinue reading “Bahia Honda Florida Keys Painting”

Historical Mural Restoration at Bank of America in Georgetown, DC

Historical Mural Restoration Last night I completed a historical mural restoration at the Bank of America branch located on Wisconsin Avenue, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC. In speaking with the branch manager and another employee there, I found out that this mural is at least 100 years old! However, no one there seemedContinue reading “Historical Mural Restoration at Bank of America in Georgetown, DC”

Original Mediterranean Seascape Paintings

These original Mediterranean seascape paintings are dreamy seascapes with the rich turquoise and blue hues of the sea. One painting is from an actual seaside view on the Spanish island of Formentera, and the other painting is a boat docked at a colorful village, made from my imagination! Formentera Seascape Original Painting Painted on hand-stretchedContinue reading “Original Mediterranean Seascape Paintings”

Adorada Mama Polita – Portrait Painting

Recently I completed this portrait painting of my children’s great-great grandmother from Ambato, Ecuador, on the side of my ex-wife’s family. This is an oil painting on a linen canvas. Initially, I thought I would publish this portrait painting in a blog post and write about her myself. But then I thought, who better toContinue reading “Adorada Mama Polita – Portrait Painting”

Rehoboth Beach Delaware Painting

When my family moved to a new neighborhood in Indiana when I was 12, there was another family who moved in close to our house, and they were from New York. During my teenage years, I became friends with their son who was the same age as me, and every year they would go vacationContinue reading “Rehoboth Beach Delaware Painting”

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