Statue of Liberty Art

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Lady Liberty Overlooking the Hudson River

This New York City artwork is a pencil drawing of the Statue of Liberty, as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge. What a magical and striking sculpture! It’s amazing to think how so many American’s ancestors passed through Ellis Island, including my own.

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Statue of Liberty Black and White Drawing

This Statue of Liberty artwork is available as a print on the following products:

Archival Matte Paper – 

Canadian Wood Panel –

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Statue of Liberty Wood Wall Art

Organic Cotton Unisex T-Shirts (10 colors available; Made in USA) –

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Statue of Liberty Organic Cotton T-Shirt – Coral
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Statue of Liberty Organic Cotton T Shirt, Navy Blue



New York City Drawing

A Pencil Drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge

TITLE: The Hudson From Brooklyn on a Foggy Day

This drawing, created with pencil and a small bit of charcoal, is from a foggy winter day looking out at the Hudson River and Manhattan, from underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Brooklyn Bridge Drawing

5 Questions to Ask Yourself for Creating a Good-Lookin’ Home Office

Working from home has many benefits, including a super-short commute, access to your own fridge and pantry, and being able to work in whatever clothes you want to wear! The feel of your home office is a key component in keeping positive energy flowing for your business or employer. Even though it’s at home, you want your office to also feel professional, organized, and reflect who you are! With this in mind, it’s important to give your office a visual checkup every few months to make sure it’s contributing positively to your mood. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself.

  1. Do I need to pick up and organize clutter?

We all know it’s easy to set some papers off to the side for another time. And then to do it again the next day. Pretty soon, the pile starts growing bigger. Perhaps there are multiple piles! Add to that a few errant paper clips, a roll of tape and a random stapler, and you have yourself a mess. It’s OK to put things off to the side, but the key is to have an organized place for them!

Suggestion – Invest in an artistic desktop organizer. Below is a vintage wood desk organizer that I find practical and visually appealing. For something even more affordable, a cheap and colorful plastic paper basket will add a useful pop of color.

2. Does I feel spacious or claustrophobic?

Even in a small home office, there are tricks to make it feel more spacious!

Suggestions: Arrange furniture so that the center of the space is open. Make the most of natural lighting by keeping window areas unobstructed. Open your shades during the day and position your computer monitor so as to avoid glare. Perhaps place or hang a mirror on a wall! Mirrors give the impression of added space.

Here is a mirror that will make you smile:

3. Do your home office feel homey?

When you look around your office, do you just see impersonal objects like paper, a computer, and file folders? Or do you see objects with meaning to you?

Suggestion: Add photos of family and friends! Take a fun trip recently? Frame a photo of it! Need to see your smiling wife, husband or kids before heading into a meeting? Frame a photo of that too!

4. Do you have plant life in your office?

A living, breathing plant adds peaceful energy and aesthetic appeal to any office space.

Suggestion: Place a low-maintenance indoor plant in your office.

I personally like peace lillies and snake plants:

5. Do you have art in your office?

Artwork on the walls can serve as a conversation piece, enhance visual appeal, and also add personal meaning to your office.

Suggestion: Hang any artwork that makes you feel good, whether a peaceful flower, a portrait of your family (or pet), or a painting of a favorite vacation spot!

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Purple Flower Painting
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Dog Portrait Painting

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The Sky – An Artistic Perfection

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Artistic Skyscapes

One of my favorite artistic subjects is the sky. When I focus my attention towards the sky, I find that it’s always revealing beautiful shapes, colors and contrasts. On top of that, it’s always changing! The other day I was taking an evening walk and saw a nice set of pink clouds in the sky, ran in the house to grab my camera to get a picture of it, and when I went back outside, those clouds were gone!

But, as the sky would have it, new formations had already been created to enjoy.

Sky Wall Art

These abstract sky prints are printed on demand with archival matte paper:

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A Sky of Orange
sky painting, sky, sky wall art, cloud art
Blue and White Sky Art
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Clouds Peaking Through

Macchu Picchu Painting

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Macchu Picchu Original Watercolor and Prints

This Macchu Picchu watercolor was painted in an impressionistic style on watercolor paper and is framed with USA poplar wood that I hand-stained with an all-natural ebony stain.

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Macchu Picchu Watercolor Framed

Prints of this artwork are also available, on both archival matte paper and on a sustainable wood panel:

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Macchu Picchu Archival Matte Paper Print
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Macchu Picchu Wood Print

Framed Seagulls Watercolor

Pastels Sunset over the Ocean

This watercolor painting shows a peaceful scene of an ocean sunset with pastel hues of blue and crimson, with a flock of seagulls gliding through the sky.

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Seagulls Sunset Painting – Wood Frame

The wood frame is made from U.S. poplar wood, which I hand-stained with a 100% non-toxic ebony wood stain. It comes with a glass panel to protect the painting and a sawtooth hanger installed on the back.

Available here at the Dave White Paintings Etsy store.

Flowers in a Pot Watercolor Painting

Inspired by the United States Botanic Garden

This past weekend, as my Father’s Day gift, I took a half-day to myself and headed out to the U.S. Botanic Garden and National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. For parents with little kids, there is nothing like having time to yourself!

The U.S. Botanic Garden is an amazingly beautiful place to visit, if you ever get the chance. Ironically enough, this peaceful place of zen is located right next to the U.S. Capitol building!

Here is one of several flower paintings to come that are inspired by the dazzling flora on display there:

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Flower Pot Watercolor Painting


A Dancing Flower Painting

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A Flower Watercolor for Dancers

With the spring season in full force, I’ve been enjoying making new paintings of flowers lately. So when my wife asked me to paint something to be raffled for an event with members of the local American Dance Therapy Association chapter, I thought I’d paint a flower that is dancing.

Here it is! Prints are available here.

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Dancing Red Flower