When a Friend Moves Away

Last week I was contacted by a very nice woman here in Ashburn, whose son’s friend was moving away, and they wanted to give him a special keepsake as a going-away gift. Her son and his friend both play hockey and lacrosse together, so she came up with the idea of a painting that said “Go Through Life with Goals” and which would incorporate hockey, lacrosse, his favorite hockey team colors and logo (The Chicago Blackhawks) and the logo of the local hockey team they play on (Ashburn Selects).

What a cool idea! This was not my typical commission, but it was a joy to make and reminded me of my childhood, when I aspired to be a professional sports player and enjoyed playing sports with my neighborhood friends.

Brooklyn Bridge in Black Ink

Black ink illustration of the Brooklyn Bridge! If I were to have favorite things to walk across, this would be one of them. Prints of this artwork are available to buy here.

"brooklyn bridge", "brooklyn bridge drawing", "brooklyn bridge art", "brooklyn bridge illustration"
Brooklyn Bridge in Black Ink

Want the original drawing? It’s on 9″ x 12″ thick, archival paper. You decide what to pay and I’ll mail it to you! Payments are easily accepted via PayPal. Just submit the form below:


Accounting Art – Balance Sheet

Every now and then, I paint or draw a piece of ‘Accounting Art’, since I’m also an Accountant. Here is “Balance Sheet”. In very simple terms, a Balance Sheet shows Assets, which must equal Liabilities and Equity, thus it always has to ‘balance’. The funny thing about Accounting is that it’s totally made up. As in, nothing about Accounting is real in the sense that nothing is a law of nature, but rather invented methods to account for invented currencies. There are very real effects of these invented currencies and methods of accounting, but if they magically vanquished one day, everything in existence would still exist! Food for thought.

Prints are available here!

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Balance Sheet Accounting Art

Framed Still Life Original Oil Painting

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Make an offer on this painting and it’s yours!

Three Apples Oil Painting – Framed – 9″ x 12

This is a still-life oil painting, on linen paper, of three vibrantly colored apples. It is framed in a 9″ x 12″ black frame. The painting took approximately 2 hours to complete with a cost of about $20 in materials. Shipping will cost around $10. Make an offer and I will mail it to you, anywhere in the world!

Made in the USA Art Series

"made in usa", "made in america"

Humanity has thousands of years of history of making our own products! There is a sense of fulfillment and reward in making something yourself, from a house, to food, to clothing, to arts and crafts. My grandfather made his own house. When I lived in Costa Rica many years ago, there was a community knowledge of how to build homes, and everyone built their own homes with the help of friends, family and neighbors.  You may have a cherished homemade item yourself, that has family history embedded into it!

In the past decades, there has been an increased emphasis on specialization of labor, which has broken up labor into multiple coordinated parts spread around the globe among people who do not have direct relationships with each other, hence a further breakdown of community, and a race to the bottom for wages, with a large increase of wealth at the top.

However, there has also been a movement that is contrary to this, with intentions of environmental harmony, building community, paying fair wages, reducing excessive wealth and poverty, etc. While “Made in the USA” does not guarantee these ideas are being implemented, it does mean that there are at least many labor and environmental protections that do not exist in many other countries of cheap labor.

Given that it is not too common to see “Made in USA”, I’ve started an art series that highlights anything that is Made in the USA.

"made in usa", "made in america"
Made in USA Art Series
"made in usa", "made in america"
Made in USA Art Series
"made in usa", "made in america"
Made in USA Art Series


Spring Flowers Oil Painting

"floral art", "flower painting", "floral painting", "flowers art", "flowers painting", "floral oil painting", "flowers oil painting"

My two boys and I discovered these flowers on a walk in our neighborhood the other day. My sweet toddler immediately thought to pick one “for mama”. Mama was very happy with her flower! I also took a photo of them and painted them on canvas. Prints on paper and canvas of this oil painting are available to buy here – https://www.zazzle.com/cherry_blossoms_floral_painting_art_poster-228560531341104965

Cherry Blossoms Painting