Toronto Skyline Art

Painting of the Toronto Skyline

This Toronto skyline painting is part of my new series of city skyline art!

Framed Original Toronto Skyline Painting

Toronto Skyline Painting
Toronto Skyline Framed Painting

The original was created on 11×14 textured canvas paper and comes framed in a black matte aluminum frame with an archival and acid-free double white mat.

The main reason I thought to paint Toronto next was because they had just won the NBA championship! And I have been a fan of Kawhi Leonard for many years (sorry Toronto fans…as a native of Indiana, even I was disappointed when the Pacers drafted him and then traded him!)

This Toronto art is also available on an organic cotton t-shirt, mug, birch wood panel, matte paper art print, and a wall clock:

Toronto Skyline Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Toronto Skyline Shirt
Toronto Skyline Organic Cotton T-Shirt – Choose White or Black

Toronto Skyline Mug

Toronto Skyline Mug
Toronto Skyline Mug

Toronto Skyline Art Print on Birch Wood Panel

Toronto Skyline Art Print Birch Wood Panel
Toronto Skyline Art Print on Birch Wood Panel

Toronto Skyline Art Print on Matte Paper

Toronto Skyline Art Print on Matte Paper
Toronto Skyline Art Print on Matte Paper – Various Sizes

Toronto Skyline Wall Clock

Toronto Skyline Wall Clock
Toronto Skyline Wall Clock


City Skyline Art – Chicago

Chicago Skyline Art

In the past few weeks, I’ve started a new series of paintings with the themes of city skylines and transportation maps. As a kid, I was always fascinated by downtown skylines, and remember how big of a city even Indianapolis seemed to me when I first saw the downtown.

Even though I’d rather live in the country now than a city (more room to roam, better access to nature, way less electromagnetic frequencies, etc.), I still find downtown skylines very appealing to look at.

The first city I painted was Chicago:

Framed Chicago Skyline Painting
Framed Chicago Skyline Painting

Each city skyline painting will have a black paint outline of the downtown buildings. This Chicago skyscape features a view of downtown as seen from Lake Michigan! The painting with blue oil paint is the original.

It’s also available as an art print on matte paper or a birch wood panel, as well as on an organic cotton t-shirt, a mug, and a wall clock:

Chicago Skyline Art Print
Chicago Skyline Art Print
Chicago Skyline Wood Art Print
Chicago Skyline Art Print on Birch Wood Panel
Chicago Skyline Shirt Organic Cotton
Chicago Skyline Organic Cotton Shirt – Black or White
Chicago Skyline Mug
Chicago Skyline Coffee Mug
Chicago Skyline Clock
Chicago Skyline Wall Clock

Custom House Painting on Canvas

A Painting of a Childhood Home

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to work on a watercolor painting of someone’s childhood home, which my client is gifting, along with her siblings, to her parents for their 50th wedding anniversary!

Here it is so far:

Progress Photo of House Painting Commission

Once finished, I’ll mat and frame this in a professional gallery-quality frame.

There is something very special about having a place to call home during childhood! I think about this often with my own kids, and they mention to me how much they love “their house”. Sure, I pay for it, but it pretty much has become their house!

I have fond memories of the house I grew up in as a child. Even though I only spent 10 years of my life there, it was during my formative years, so feels much longer in my mind than it actually was, and I suppose it it this way for many others also!

Portrait Painting of my Son

Baby Portrait Painting

FINALLY, I finished an oil portrait painting of my son! It’s been a couple years in the making. He’s now three (or, I like to say a “threenager”, which is a new term I heard from my wife the other day), but we took this photo when he was a baby seeing the beach for the first time.

Portrait Painting by Artist Dave White
Oil Portrait Painting

For our first son, it was easy to find the time to draw and paint him (I did 3 portraits!). For our 2nd son, it took me over three years to finish one! For our 3rd child (due later this year), they’ll be lucky to get a sketch (just kidding).

This painting was created on hand-stretched organic cotton canvas.

Mural Paintings with Zenaviv

Mural Paintings in the DC Area by Artists Impacted by Autism

Starting earlier this year, I began working on art projects with a wonderful company in Ashburn called Zenaviv, which promotes and connects artists impacted by autism with businesses and individuals.

These artists have incredible natural talents that serve to beautify spaces. The positive feedback from the murals gives the artists validation of their talent and a meaningful boost in their confidence!

Recently, I collaborated with them on murals in the employee entrance at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington, DC, a luxurious 5-star hotel.

Declaration of Independence Mural at The Jefferson Hotel
The Declaration of Independence Mural at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC
Monticello Mural at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC
Monticello Mural at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC
The Jefferson Monument Mural at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC
The Jefferson Monument Mural at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC

Prior to this, Zenaviv artists completed a mural painting at The Four Seasons Hotel in Washington DC, and we are currently working on several mural paintings for Fannie Mae.

Zenaviv’s mission is to empower artists impacted by autism by providing them with a means to earn income and boost their self-esteem. By the end of the year they expect to promote at least 25 artists with consistent income. Over the next five years their goal is to directly impact 2,000 artists and indirectly several more around the world!



Original Biggie Crown Painting

Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way

Original Notorious BIG Painting on Canvas

"biggie crown painting", "original biggie painting", "biggie canvas painting", "notorious big painting", "notorious big crown painting"
Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way – Canvas Painting

This original Biggie crown painting, on a 12″ x 16″ handmade organic cotton canvas, says “Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way”. Painted with archival acrylic paints, it features a color palette of burgundy, purple, crimson, white, black and gold.

Original Formentera Seascape Painting on Canvas

Original Seascape

Formentera, Spain

formentera painting, formentera art, original formentera painting on canvas, pintura formentera, arte formentera, original seascape painting on canvas
Formentera, Spain – Seascape Painting on Canvas

The inspiration for this seascape painting came from a beach on the Spanish island of Formentera, and the beautiful blue hues of the Mediterranean Sea!

The canvas is made of Texas-grown organic cotton and is hand-stretched and hand-primed. The wood stretcher bars are FSC-certified and the all-natural gesso primer is made of limestone power, French marble dust, water and a touch of honey.

The canvas measures 8″ in height and 20″ in length.

El Café de Andalucía Watercolor Painting

Original Painting Inspired by a Coffee in Sevilla

"sevilla painting", "seville painting", "andalucia painting", "andalusian art", "andalusian painting", "andalusia art", "andalusia painting"
El Café de Andalucía Watercolor Painting

Painting Inspiration

This original coffee watercolor painting was inspired by a delicious afternoon coffee in Seville, Spain, in the barrio of Heliópolis! Heliópolis is a neighborhood on the outskirts of Sevilla, where I lived as a college student for a semester in 2004, close to the Real Betis soccer stadium.

The coffee mug says “El Café de Andalucía”.

The artwork itself, on archival watercolor paper, measures 9″ x 12″.

Frame Details

Gallery-style wood frame with a clean modern look
Choose from the following stains – Espresso, White, Black, White Wash, or Burgundy
Double white mat – archival – acid-free
Anti-reflective glass
Inside frame dimensions measure 11″ x 14″ and outside dimensions measure 15 1/8″ x 12 1/8″

Original Rose Watercolor Painting

4×6 Rose Painting, 8×10 Frame


This small-size rose painting is on archival watercolor paper and is available in a variety of wood and aluminum metal frame options! It comes with a triple white mat that is also archival and acid-free, along with anti-reflective glass for the frame. You can see photos of all of the options here:×6-original-rose-watercolor-painting

"framed rose watercolor", "small rose painting", "framed rose painting", "framed rose art", "4x6 rose painting"
Framed Rose Watercolor Painting – 4×6 Painting in an 8×10 Frame

Framed Teddy Bear Watercolor

Original Teddy Bear Painting

This original framed teddy bear watercolor painting is a cute nursery art addition to your nursery or kids room decor! This teddy bear is painted with a gold heart and has hues of light blue.

"teddy bear watercolor", "framed teddy bear painting", "framed nursery art", "teddy bear art"
Framed Teddy Bear Watercolor

Various frame colors are available, in both wood and aluminum options.

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