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Custom Framed Brooklyn Wedding Art

Spread Love It’s the Brooklyn (Vyas) Way

One of my more popular art prints has been a painting that I did of the famous photo of the Notorious BIG wearing a crown, with the words “Spread Love It’s the Brooklyn Way“. Recently I was contacted by an engaged couple in New York City that is going to be getting married in Brooklyn, about purchasing this print but replacing “Brooklyn” with their last name, “Vyas”. They’re going to hang the artwork at their reception and then afterwards in their home.

The art print is on 13″ x 19″ archival luster paper, which I custom framed with a gallery-style gold metal frame with a white mat and anti-reflective glass:

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Malgudi Days Mural Paintings at Malgudi Veg in Ashburn

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Malgudi Days Murals

Just a few weeks ago, I completed two mural paintings at the new Malgudi Veg restaurant in Ashburn, VA! Malgudi Veg is an Indian vegetarian restaurant, that has absolutely delicious food, and at affordable prices!

The murals are based on illustrations from the famous 1980’s Indian television series Malgudi Days, by R.K. Narayan. The owner of Malgudi Veg provided me with numerous photos of illustrations from the TV show, which we put together to form scenes for the murals, each of which measures approximately 18 feet long.

Sketching out the Murals

Each mural was first sketched out with a few simple tools – a pencil, straight edge ruler, calculator, eraser, and ladder. In these pictures, I’m actually going over my initial pencil lines with black paint markers.

Artist Dave White sketching Malgudi Days mural at Malgudi Veg in Ashburn
Sketching out Malgudi Days mural at Malgudi Veg restaurant in Ashburn

Painted Murals

After drawing all of the black lines with a paint marker, I then used acrylic paint to fill in the rest with brushwork.

Here are photos of the finished murals:

1st Mural Near Entrance:

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Malgudi Veg Mural – Ashburn, VA
Close-Ups of 1st Mural:

2nd Mural by Buffet Tables:

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Malgudi Days Mural at Malgudi Veg Restaurant in Ashburn, Virginia
Close-Ups of 2nd Mural:

and lastly, a photo of the mural by the entrance during dinner hours after the grand opening (with my 2 boys in the foreground)!

Malgudi Veg Ashburn, malgudi days mural ashburn

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Kids Dinosaur Art

Painting of a Stegosaurus Driving a Red Sports Car

Taking artistic inspiration from my 4 year old son, I painted a stegosaurus driving a car a few days ago, for him to hang up in his and his brother’s bedroom:

stegosaurus kids art, dinosaur kids art
Dinosaur Kids Art Print – Stegosaurus Driving Sports Car

While my son originally had thought of a T-Rex driving a car, I asked him what he thought of the idea of a stegosaurus instead (thinking that the spikes might look cool). He agreed with this idea, and that was that! The Steg Mobile was created!

Art prints of this stegosaurus kids art are available here.

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Late Night Studio Painting Photos

It’s been more than 2 years since I’ve planned to paint a portrait of my younger son, and I’m vowing to finally get it done before the new year, in between numerous other projects. Somehow, I just don’t have time like I used to when I had just 1 child, nevermind no children! What did I ever do with my time before? I know a lot of parents ask themselves that!

Here are some photos from a couple of nights ago, as I attempt to complete this before 2018 is over!

Paper Towel Full of Paint Blotches
Palette Full of Mixed Brown Hues
Empty Trader Joe’s Yogurt Container to Rinse my Brushes
Partially Completed Portrait Painting of my Son
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Completed Dog Painting

Two Dogs in a Forest

Last week I put the finishing touches on this 20″ x 20″ oil painting on canvas! It features two dogs – Mojo and Moxie – on a path in a green forest.

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Mojo and Moxie – Dog Portrait Oil Painting on Canvas

The canvas was handmade with Texas-grown organic cotton that I stretched over FSC-certified wood stretcher bars, and triple-primed with an all-natural gesso.

Together with my two and four year-old helpers, we delivered this last week to a happy client!

Now it’s on to the next project – mural art at a soon-to-open Indian restaurant in Ashburn. The restaurant hasn’t even opened, is undergoing a renovation, and somehow it still smells good in there! I’ll post photos of the first mural when I finish it in a week or so.

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Dog Painting Progress Photo #2

Painting Update

I’m nearing the finish line for this dog painting, of two cute pups sitting together on a forest path! Here it is below. Just have to paint in the rest of the path, some more details on the dogs, and then paint the sides of the canvas a dark forest green as a last step, and it’ll be ready to deliver!

Commissioned Dog Painting Progress
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Dog Oil Painting Commission Progress

Mojo and Moxie

Recently I was commissioned to paint these two dogs, Mojo and Moxie:

Cute dogs! The way they are standing there next to each other reminds me of my 2 and 4 year old sons, who seem to always be stuck to each other’s hips.

The proposal for this painting was to paint them with a green forest background.

Here is how it’s coming along!

Mojo and Moxie Painting Commission Progress

I should finish it within a week or two and will post a photo of the completed painting when it’s done!

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Bouquet of Roses Painting with a Black Background

White and Pink Roses Painting

This new rose painting is part of a new series of floral artwork that I am creating (see “White Flowers in a Copper Planter“), featuring bouquets of flowers in elegant, somewhat vintage settings:

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Pink and White Roses

This particular painting was painted with gouache paint, which lies somewhere between acrylic and watercolor in terms of paint consistency and appearance!

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White Flowers in a Copper Planter Painting

White Flowers Oil Painting

Yesterday I completed this new oil painting of a bouquet of white flowers in an elegant copper planter, on top of a soft gray cloth.

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White Flowers Oil Painting

Inspiration from Spanish TV Series El Tiempo Entre Costuras

The inspiration for this painting, and another flower painting that I’ll be posting soon, came from a 2013 Spanish TV series called “El Tiempo Entre Costuras”, which is about a Spanish seamstress who becomes a spy for the British during the times of the Spanish civil war and World War II. It’s one of my favorite TV series I’ve ever watched, not only for the compelling story, but for the artistic videography! Numerous scenes throughout the series showcase elegant architecture, furniture and, similar to this flower painting, beautiful floral arrangements.

Stay tuned for more flower oil paintings to come!