Where the Horses Roam Wild

Assateague Island National Seashore is on a 37-mile long barrier island with unspoiled beaches and abundant wildlife, located in Maryland, on the Atlantic coast of the Delmarva peninsula. Of all the beaches along the east coast, I would say this one is my favorite.

You can enjoy swimming in the cool ocean or laying in the sand for part of the day, then spend another part of the day hiking through trails and spotting the wild horses that roam the island, as well as other wildlife such as sitka deer, a wide variety of birds (great blue herons, egrets, seagulls, etc.) the Delmarva Fox Squirrel, and more!

This painting is from a photo I took in early September:

Prints of this Assateague horses painting are available here – https://davewhiteartist.com/product/assateague-horses-painting-art-print/

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French Press Coffee Painting with a Bohemian Flair

Most of my coffee paintings for the past year have been black and white. For the next one, I wanted to create it with lots of color and visual impact. I had a loose idea in my head of a Bohemian style, and took inspiration from a few different coffee bag designs.

This is how it turned out!

French Press Painting Art Print Bohemian

This print is available in sizes 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″ and 16″ x 20″:

Unframed – https://davewhiteartist.com/product/french-press-coffee-art-print/

With Frame Options – https://www.etsy.com/listing/884968922/french-press-coffee-painting-art-print

Meandering Footprints, Side by Side – Beach Painting of Playa Panama, Costa Rica, Accompanying Poem

This painting shows two paths of footprints in the sand, meandering next to each other along a long expanse of sand on a deserted tropical beach!

The scene in this painting is from Playa Panamá, on the Pacific coast of northwest Costa Rica.

Many of my paintings carry a history with them, a story embedded in the image. Oftentimes I’m not sure how much to share of each, as they are personal, and I can tend to get stuck on words. Additionally, I’d like for them to be universal, in that anyone can enjoy and connect with the art.

I thought I’d share a bit of this one, in the form of a poem.

Meandering, wandering, one next to the other.


but sure.

Where to?

Looking back, how far we’ve come

knowing now, how far we had to go.

Disentangled webs of history.

Creators, we are.

Beach Painting Playa Panama Costa Rica

A Caballo Voy Pa’l Monte

Many years ago, I was first introduced to Cuban music by my wife, who was a Dance major at the time, and I remember loving the Buena Vista Social Club album. On the album there’s a song called “El Carretero”, and the refrain from that song goes “A caballo vamos pa’l monte”, which roughly translates to “On horseback we’re going to the mountain / hill / forest”.

A couple years later, I became very familiar with the term “monte”, when I practically lived in the “monte”, as a Peace Corps Volunteer in La Cruz de Abangares, Costa Rica, close to the famous cloud forest area called Monteverde. The “monte” is what I imagine Africans refer to as the “bush”. It’s the brush, the vegetation, the forest, the jungle, the mountain, etc.

I remember the first time that I went into the monte, “a caballo”. My neighbor friend Franklin, who we called “Franquilino”, loved horses and owned a few of them. So, “a caballo fuimos p’al monte”. The fresh mountain air, the panoramic views, the loud roar of the howler monkeys, and the incredible array of plant species, makes riding on horseback through the rural mountains and forest an awesome experience.

When I heard the song El Carretero recently, I was transported back to the times that I lived in the monte for 2 1/2 years!

A Caballo Voy Pa'l Monte Shirt Avocado

Dreamy Beach Painting

This dreamy beach scene is of an open expanse of sand, serene turquoise water, palm trees swaying in the breeze amidst lush foliage, and a view of mountains in the background!

tropical beach painting
Dreamy Beach Turquoise Water Painting

What do you miss most about going to the beach, if you haven’t yet this year?

Our family made it out to the beach a few weeks ago at the tail end of summer, to Assateague Island, Maryland, where wild horses roam the island. Laying down in the sand while the ocean waves came up to shore was so rejuvenating for the body and spirit. My skin felt so smooth for the next few days after.

Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death

Last night, I had a particularly poor night of sleep. I went to bed at 10pm and fell asleep around 3am. The little ones woke me up around 6:30am.

When I stumbled down into the kitchen all “zampaguado” (a very rural slang term that I learned in Costa Rica, which essentially means groggy), I said this:

Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death Shirt Black
Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Then I said this to my wife: “Oh, I should put that on a shirt”.

So there it is.

After 2 cups of coffee, I feel a little better.

Going back to that word “zampaguado”…

When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer up in the mountains of Costa Rica, in a little small town called La Cruz de Abangares, I lived in a cinder block house, and across the street lived a family with a dog that lived outside its house. This dog was keen on barking non-stop, starting around 2am every morning. One night, around 4am, while it was barking, I went outside and threw some rocks towards it to get it to shut up. This sounds very mean, but: 1) I didn’t hit the dog, nor intend to, and 2) this is very customary in rural Central America, where the concept of having a dog is totally different than in the USA.

The dog shut up. As I was turning to go back in my house to go to sleep, I noticed someone walking up the dirt street my way. It was Deibys, a boy who was around 14 at the time. He was up early to go milk cows. I said hi, and he said “ay mae me siento todo zampaguado”, which I learned translates to “aw man I feel so groggy”.

So 13 years or so later, I still use that word when I’m feeling groggy. Back then I didn’t drink coffee (though I lived in a coffee-growing region!). If I did, I may have said “Give me coffee, or give me death”!

Formentera Spain Beach Painting

This Formentera, Spain painting was inspired by a bike ride through this gem of an island, the smallest of the Balearic Islands. The particular location of this scene is on the northeast tip of the island.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been there, but I have to say, it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to!

Formentera Spain Beach Painting

New Coffee Art Prints – Aeropress and Abstract Circles

These two coffee artworks were created with a mix of markers and watercolor paints.

Though I was mostly going for the black and white look, I couldn’t help but to add in bright pops of color to each!


Aeropress Coffee Art


abstract coffee painting art print

For more coffee art, click here.

Tropical Beach Sunset Painting Brought Back to Life

A few weeks back I was going through some boxes of childhood stuff.

My parents, who had hung onto these boxes for years, decided to dump them onto me as they were clearing out their space. So I then hung onto them and am still trying to sort through to decide what to do with it all, but am intent on not letting too much time pass before I clear what needs clearing and organize what I decide to keep. If you cannot relate to this…I don’t know what to tell you.

Well, I pulled out several paintings from my youth, including this one, which I believe I painted when I was around 13 years old!

I must have been dreaming of laying on a beach somewhere on a South Pacific island! Come to think of it…I still dream of that.

Because this painting was on a cheap piece of paper and showing its age, I scanned it and gave it a fresh renovation in Adobe Photoshop.

Taurus Bull Zodiac Art

Those born between April 21st and May 21st have their Sun sign in Taurus! This includes my 2nd son, so I am fairly familiar with the characteristics and personality traits of Taurus.

The Taurus zodiac sign is represented by the bull:

Taurus Bull Zodiac Art Print
Taurus Zodiac Painting

Taurus is very practical and grounded, as it is an “Earth” sign (as opposed to fire, water, or air). Being very earthy, they also love physical pleasures and material things, whether it be good food, sensual touch, nice furnishings, etc. They love the finer things of life, so to speak! This makes sense, as Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is all about pleasure, harmony, and enjoyment.

Like the bull, Taurus is slow moving and can be very stubborn and inflexible, as if their earthiness gets them stuck in the mud. However, they can also exhibit exemplary dedication and steadfastness, with a patient energy, able to stick with projects and relationships.

I can attest to this, as my little Taurean son is super duper stubborn (amplified by the fact that he’s only 4)! However, my father has his Ascendant sign in Taurus (the Ascendant is equally as important and influential as the Sun sign), and he is also very stubborn! On the other hand, they’re both practical, grounded, caring, and enjoy the comforts of life!

While there is much more to the Taurus sign than I’ve written here, I hope this can serve as a short, informative introduction to the qualities of this sign!

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