Pisces Zodiac Art

This is my first in a series of posts about zodiac astrology sign paintings, of which I intend to create art for all 12 signs.

As a preface:

Most people are familiar with what is called their “Sun” sign. For example, my Sun sign is Pisces, so I could say “I am a Pisces”. However, although one’s Sun sign is a major part of their natal chart, it is only one piece of a complex whole. So, along with having a Pisces Sun sign, I also have elements of many other zodiac signs and planets as part of my whole being (including Sagittarius, Aquarius, etc.). To illustrate this further, my brother and sister are also both Pisces, as is my wife and brother-in-law. But we are all very different people!

The Pisces zodiac sign is represented by a fish. Why a fish?

Fish swim in water, and water can be open and deep, like the ocean. Pisces are drawn to a palette of blues, especially sea blue tones.

Pisces is the twelth, or last, sign of the Zodiac, which means that Pisces have a bit of every other Zodiac sign in them, making it easier for to relate to just about anybody. Pisces is a mutable water sign, meaning they can easily go with the flow and adapt to many different environments, like a chameleon. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, which is symbolized by spirituality, mysticism, dreams, illusions, deceptions, and all things subtle.

Pisces have a rich imagination, dreamy inner life, lots of creativity, and compassion for others. As with most things, there are positives and negatives to this. While a Pisces may excel in creative professions and in helping others, this can sometimes cause them to get lost in day to day, practical realities, to help others at the expense of themselves, or even to be taken advantage of. But, even though Pisces can be more sensitive, they are actually as solid as rocks.

Pisces can also be very spiritual and are not as concerned with the physical, material realm of life, or what they see as trivialities, such as having an expensive house and car, climbing the “corporate ladder”, doing something just for the appearance of it, etc.

Often, the Pisces sign is shown as two fish swimming in opposite directions, to represent how Pisces often feel pulled in different directions. This can also represent one fish swimming downstream and the other swimming upstream. In other words, a Pisces may get drowned in their own negative emotions and their life may take a negative downward spiral (downstream), or, they may tap into their deep well of personal strength and resilience, and swim upstream.

For this Pisces painting, I painted the fish swimming in one forward direction, as a positive interpretation of swimming upstream.

Zodiac Paintings and Thoughts about Belief Systems

In the past couple of years, I’ve delved into a deep study of astrology.

This was a realm of knowledge that I had previously dismissed, as I thought it to be mere superstition or “conspiracy”. How easy it is to dismiss whatever doesn’t fit into our own personal belief system. Especially nowadays, with so many things politically charged, and attention spans so short.

It seems to be that through a lived experience that runs counter to, or does not actually fit within one’s beliefs, it sparks the thought of “wait a second, that isn’t what I thought to be true, or at least isn’t what others were saying to be true”.

For example, racism is a very energized subject currently. As a kid, I heard my paternal grandfather and uncles make jokes and complaints about black people (my Dad thankfully never participated in this). I never found their jokes funny, and knew that they were egregiously wrong with their beliefs about black people. I enjoyed playing basketball in my driveway with a black friend next door, and my lived experience ran totally counter to what they expressed. As an adult now, I still often play basketball with a diverse group of friends and many times am the only white person.

Another example – when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica from 2006 – 2008, I began to have digestive issues and lost a lot of weight. I intuited that I had a parasite infection. So I saw the nurse, and she said I do not have parasites, and to eat more fruits and vegetables (I was already eating plenty). But, I trusted what she said. She was the official Peace Corps nurse on staff, after all, and who was I to question her? However, when I got back to the U.S. after my service, I still had digestive issues and could not gain any weight. I began to look more pale. So I saw many doctors about this, including Gastroenterologists. I had blood and stool tests done to check for parasites. I even had a colonoscopy done. They all came back negative. So I was given pharmaceutical medications for irritable bowel syndrome. I distinctly remember questioning one of the doctor’s who prescribed me a medication, and his indignant resentment that I, who am not a doctor, had the nerve to question him. I was starting to feel desperate, and looked sickly. No one could help me, it seemed. The medical system that I trusted in and never thought to question, was not working for me. My lived experience at that time was running counter to my beliefs about health and medicine. Thankfully, my mother-in-law recommended that I see a Naturopath who she learned about. As a sort of last resort, I made an appointment. This Naturopath did a simple non-invasive muscle testing and said, yes, I do have parasites, and even pinpointed the specific species of parasite. To most people, her testing would have looked like “hokey pokey”. She gave me a nutritional herbal supplement to take to kill the parasites. So I did. And over the course of the next few weeks, about 30 long tapeworms passed out of me. It was then that I began to question everything that I thought to be true about conventional western medicine (and the inextricably connected system of money we operate in).

Anyways, when I began to read more about astrology a couple of years ago, I found the teachings and interpretations about one’s natal chart to be very accurate with my own life and personality. Then when I looked at other’s natal charts (my wife, kids, etc.), I also found the concepts to be very accurate. While by no means am I an expert, I’ve enjoyed learning more and more about astrology since then.

As an Artist, I am naturally drawn to paint my interests! So I’ve started a series of zodiac sign paintings. With my other art projects going on, it will probably take me at least a year to paint all 12 zodiac signs, but over the course of this time, I’ll post brief articles about each zodiac sign and its corresponding artwork, starting with Pisces tomorrow.

Ibiza Art – Pensive Mediterranean Blues

I’ve always found the beautiful blue tones of the Mediterranean Sea to be very relaxing and deeply thought-provoking, carrying a subtle creative energy.

This painting was inspired by the scenery at Dalt Vila, a preserved UNESCO World Heritage site on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

Ibiza Seascape Painting inspired by scenery at Dalt Vila

Most know Ibiza as a festive party island, but my wife and I have experienced it through its quiet, beautiful nature!

Beautiful Paradise in Costa Rica with Bodhi Surf + Yoga

Uvita, Costa Rica | Bodhi Surf + Yoga

It’s been a while since I’ve been a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica, but I still feel very connected to the culture and people that I experienced there. One of my friends during my service never actually left Costa Rica. He got married there and founded an amazing company called Bodhi Surf + Yoga with his wife.

In addition to surf and yoga experiences, they advocate for protecting the world’s oceans and have a program called “Ocean Guardians” that I recently signed up for, so that I can participate with my kids and learn what we can do together to protect the oceans.

They also recently came out with a cookbook full of delicious Costa Rican recipes, which you can download and offer a donation for here – https://www.bodhisurfyoga.com/food/costa-rican-recipes

Bodhi Surf + Yoga is located in Uvita, a small town on the Pacific Coast in the Bahia Ballena (Whale’s Bay). I visited there a few times and always remember walking out into a whale’s tail formation during low tide (you can see a photo of this on their website), and watching hundreds of crabs scramble about the sand!

This seascape artwork that I painted is from a photo that I took along the beach in Uvita. If you ever wanted to experience a quiet piece of paradise, this is the place!

Costa Rica Beach Art Uvita
Costa Rica Framed Beach Art – Uvita

Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way – California Love

Biggie and Tupac Art and T-Shirts

At some point last year, I was listening to the Notorious B.I.G.’s 1994 song “Juicy”, and was inspired to create this artwork:

Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way

Biggie Brooklyn Art Print on Matte Paper, Optional Wood Frame

Biggie Spread Love Brooklyn Art Print
Biggie Art – Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way – 2 Color Options, 3 Wood Stain Options

Biggie Brooklyn Wall Art Print on Birch Wood Panel

Biggie Smalls Wall Art Wood Print
Biggie Brooklyn Wall Art Print on Birch Wood Panel – 3 Color Options to Choose From

These have been popular as an art print and on shirts, and it’s been cool to see how many customers from Brooklyn have bought the art and shirts!

Biggie Spread Love T Shirt Organic Cotton UnisexBiggie T Shirt Brooklyn Organic Cotton

Biggie Brooklyn Organic Cotton Unisex Shirt – Black Shirt Also Available

Biggie Spread Love Women’s T-Shirt Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester

Biggie Brooklyn Shirt Women's
Biggie Brooklyn Women’s Shirt – Multiple Color Choices

Given the popularity of this Biggie art, I just had to make similar Tupac art, which I finally got around to recently:

California Love Tupac Bandana Art

Tupac Art Print on Matte Paper, Optional Wood Frame

Tupac California Love Art Print
Tupac Art Print California Love – More Color Variations and Wood Stain Options Available

Tupac California Love Print on Birch Wood Panel

Tupac Wall Art California Love Wood Print
Tupac Wall Art California Love Birch Wood Panel – Multiple Color Options

Tupac California Love Organic Cotton T Shirt, Unisex

Tupac California Love T Shirt Organic Cotton
Tupac California Love T Shirt Organic Cotton Unisex – Black Tee Also Available

Tupac California Love Women’s T-Shirt, Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester

Tupac Women's Shirt California Love
Tupac Women’s Shirt California Love – Multiple Color Options

Every week I usually play pickup basketball, and nowadays I’m one of the “OG’s” on the court. At 36, I can still easily hang with the guys 15 years younger than me! I just can’t jump as high anymore. As a Dad with 3 kids, they probably see me as old haha. Anyways, I’ve seen some of them wear Biggie and Tupac shirts, and it strikes me that they weren’t even born yet when those guys were alive! But as they say, legends never die.

Blue Jay Watercolor Painting

On a nature trail walk with my sons a few weeks ago, we came across a blue jay, one of my favorite birds.

In the following weeks, my wife bought a bird feeder that we installed on our kitchen door. Within a couple days, the birds really took a liking to it, and it’s great entertainment for the kids to watch. They also made homemade bird feeders outside with pine cones, peanut butter and seeds, and those have been eaten up quickly as well.

This has all boded well for my artistic inspiration! I’ve been meaning to paint a series of bird paintings for some time, so here comes another – a blue jay watercolor painting with a bright green nature background:

Bluejay Watercolor Painting
Bluejay Watercolor Painting

W&OD Trail Art

This art print is for lovers of the W&OD Trail in Northern Virginia!

The artwork is hand-drawn and features a map of the trail as it meanders through Northern Virginia, from Purcellville all the way to Alexandria. It includes the main cities and towns in Northern Virginia, like Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, Herndon, Reston, McLean, Falls Church, Arlington and Alexandria. It also includes the rivers and streams, landmarks like the Dulles airport, and shows Maryland and DC.

W&OD Trail map art
W&OD Trail Hand-Drawn Map Art Print


This W&OD Trail artwork is available here, with options to frame, as a print on archival, acid-free, 10 mil, bold bright white matte paper that provides amazing detail and color reproduction.

Vintage Farmhouse Coffee Art

Coffee Art with Yellow Farmhouse Color Palette

In sticking with coffee-themed artwork, here is another recently completed painting, featuring a vintage farmhouse color palette. This one was made with acrylic paint pens and a bit of watercolor paint. It’s available here with a rustic wood frame in a variety of color options.

farmhouse coffee art, vintage coffee art, yellow coffee art, coffee painting, artist dave white
Vintage Farmhouse Coffee Art

Black and White Coffee Art

New Coffee Art

As an avid drinker of coffee, I suppose it makes sense that I also enjoy drawing and painting coffee images. Recently I’ve made it a goal to add to my coffee art collection available here.

Here are a couple recent ones:

Chemex Coffee Art
Chemex Coffee Art Original

original coffee art black white
Geometric Black and White Coffee Art

The funny thing is that I never drank coffee until my late 20’s, and even then, I didn’t drink very much. Not until I started having kids did I really get into the habit. Looking back, it’s hard to believe I lived right in the middle of a coffee growing region as a young adult (as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica) and barely ever drink it! If I had wanted to, I could have easily walked down the dirt roads to my friend’s garden, picked coffee cherries and processed/roasted them myself! Eh, oh well.

I remember one of the first cups of GREAT coffee I had was at a little store that used to be in Alexandria, VA, called “Grape and Bean”. It was a real-deal light-roast coffee with all of the fruity, flowery, aromatic flavors. Not the dark, burned, smoky, ashy stuff that my parents always drank (and still do), which I refer to as “railroad coffee”, since my Dad worked for the railroad. The Folgers type of stuff. I know some people like that, so my apologies if that’s you!

Stay tuned for more coffee art.

A Magical Trip to Ecuador

Portrait Paintings from Trip to Ecuador

In January of 2019, my wife, kids, mother-in-law, parents and I traveled to Ecuador for a week. I can’t believe a whole year has passed already! It was a special trip that included:

  • staying in a hotel that was a monastery for hundreds of years in Old Town Quito, an UNESCO world heritage site
  • visiting the highest elevation volcano in the world, Cotopaxi, and seeing wild horses nearby and picking eucalyptus leaves
  • seeing the beautiful Andes mountains
  • bargaining for handmade goods at a large indigenous market in Otavalo
  • touring a biologically diverse coffee farm in the rainforests of Mindo
  • visiting and remembering family in both Quito and Ambato

What really made the trip special, however, were the friends and family that served as our personal “tour guides” every day.

My mother-in-law’s cousin, whom we fondly call “Monjita” since she is a life-long nun, arranged our whole itinerary. This amazing woman is in her mid 80’s and is the director of a Catholic school by the northern coast city of Esmeraldas, yet still graciously did this for us!

She visited us here in the U.S. in October, and I gifted her this oil portrait that I did of her:


And also two brothers who drove all of us around every day – Marco and Luis. I learned so much about Ecuador from my conversations with Marco, who my wife, kids and I drove around with. I also did this portrait painting of them, which I gave to Monjita to hand deliver to them in Ecuador:

I hope to return there one day!

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