Bahia Honda Painting Progress

Progress of a commissioned beach painting of Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys!

Historical Mural Restoration at Bank of America in Georgetown, DC

Historical Mural Restoration Last night I completed a historical mural restoration at the Bank of America branch located on Wi

Original Mediterranean Seascape Paintings

These original Mediterranean seascape paintings are dreamy seascapes with the rich turquoise and blue hues of the sea. One pai

Adorada Mama Polita – Portrait Painting

Recently I completed this portrait painting of my children’s great-great grandmother from Ambato, Ecuador, on the side o

Madrid Painting – Plaza de Oriente

A painting of a guitarist at the Plaza de Oriente in Madrid, Spain.

Bahia Honda, Florida Painting

Starting on a painting commission of Bahia Honda Key, Florida.

Rehoboth Beach Delaware Painting

When my family moved to a new neighborhood in Indiana when I was 12, there was another family who moved in close to our house,

Pour Over Coffee Painting

The pour over is an excellent way of making coffee for those that like to do things by hand (such as yours truly), given the p

Nerja Spain Mediterranean Sea View Painting

This painting shows a Mediterranean sea view, as seen from steps that pass through an architectural arch, down to the beach, i

A Carefree Painting of a Day at the Beach in Cádiz Spain

This painting was inspired by a day at the beach, many years ago, in Cádiz, Spain. During these days of frigid cold and peopl