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French Press Coffee Painting with a Bohemian Flair

Most of my coffee paintings for the past year have been black and white. For the next one, I wanted to create it with lots of color and visual impact. I had a loose idea in my head of a Bohemian style, and took inspiration from a few different coffee bag designs.

This is how it turned out!

French Press Painting Art Print Bohemian

This print is available in sizes 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″ and 16″ x 20″:

Unframed –

With Frame Options –

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Moka Pot Coffee Art

The newest addition to my coffee art collection is this black and white hand-drawing of the famous Moka pot!

moka pot art, coffee art
Moka Pot Artwork Printed on Birch Wood Panel

This artwork is available on matte paper and birch wood panel prints (as seen above), and the original is for sale here.

The moka pot is used as a sort of stove-top espresso maker. It’s more of an old-school DIY type of thing, rather than a really expensive espresso machine. While it doesn’t really make true espresso, it does make a strong and syrupy coffee. I like strong coffee!

Here is a guide for how to brew with a moka pot –

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Vintage Farmhouse Coffee Art

farmhouse coffee art, vintage coffee art, yellow coffee art, coffee painting, artist dave white

Coffee Art with Yellow Farmhouse Color Palette

In sticking with coffee-themed artwork, here is another recently completed painting, featuring a vintage farmhouse color palette. This one was made with acrylic paint pens and a bit of watercolor paint. It’s available here with a rustic wood frame in a variety of color options.

farmhouse coffee art, vintage coffee art, yellow coffee art, coffee painting, artist dave white
Vintage Farmhouse Coffee Art

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Lipstick Coffee Painting

coffee painting, coffee oil painting, coffee art, artist dave white

This coffee painting is called “Lipstick Coffee” because of the luscious red color! Makes for great kitchen coffee wall art, or even as a Valentine’s Gift to your significant other! Art prints of this Lipstick Coffee painting are available here.

coffee art print, coffee wall art, coffee painting, coffee poster, coffee print
Lipstick Coffee – Original Oil Painting on 9×12 Linen Paper


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Coffee Oil Painting –

The sound of the alarm clock is softened when you’re looking forward to a warm and tasty cup of coffee in the morning, with the early sun streaming through the windows, illuminating the cool colors of the ceramic and silver.

This original coffee painting is painted with oils on 9″ x 12″ linen paper, with cool blues, purples and crimson contrasting nicely against warm golds, yellows and siennas. Interested in purchasing? Just email me at

Coffee Oil Painting – Relaxing Wake-Up – Painted on 9″x12″ Linen Paper