Mural Restoration Service

A lot of work goes into painting a mural, and they deserve to be preserved for many years! However, things can happen, and sometimes a mural restoration service is needed.

With a keen attention to detail and color matching, I can restore your mural painting to resemble its original appearance, or to enhance it.

By small-scale, I basically mean an area that is reachable by a standard home-use ladder, as I do not have the equipment for large-scale murals (i.e. scaffolding, roofing ladders, etc.). This can be for either residential or commercial murals.

To discuss your project, please reach out to me at (703) 509-3032, or by email at

Below are a few before and after photos of mural paintings I have worked on to restore and/or enhance:

  • Home Mural Restoration After
  • Historical Mural Restoration at Bank of America - Before
  • Historical Mural Restoration at Bank of America - After

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