Original Art for Sale

Original Paintings and Drawings Available for Purchase

Below are photos of original art available for purchase. Just click on the image to go to the Etsy store where the purchase can be made. For any questions, send me a message at dave@davewhiteartist.com

Seascape Watercolor Painting
Original Seascape Watercolor Painting – 8×10
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Formentera, Spain – Seascape Painting on Canvas
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Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way – Canvas Painting
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Orange Rose Framed Watercolor Painting
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Lipstick Coffee Framed Oil Painting on Canvas Paper
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Coffee Oil Painting on Organic Cotton Canvas 8″ x 8″
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El Café de Andalucía Watercolor Painting
"framed brooklyn bridge art", "brooklyn bridge drawing"
The Hudson from Brooklyn – Framed Illustration
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Framed Brooklyn Bridge Ink Drawing
"white roses painting", "framed roses painting"
White Roses Illuminated Against a Dark Background – Framed Gouache Painting
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White Roses in a Copper Vase Framed Oil Painting
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Evening Seascape with Seagulls Framed Watercolor Painting
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Framed Sevilla Watercolor Painting
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Montevideo Watercolor Painting – Peatonal Sarandí
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Toucan Watercolor Framed Painting
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Machu Picchu Watercolor Framed Painting
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Framed Teddy Bear Watercolor
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Framed Rose Watercolor Painting – 4×6 Painting in an 8×10 Frame