Dave White is an Artist based in Ashburn, Virginia, who creates paintings that encompass beautiful scenery of the Northern Virginia region and places he has traveled to and lived in, including in Latin America and Spain.

Dave's artistic talents are God-given, as he is completely self-taught, having continually refined his technical skills over his lifetime of creating artwork. He enjoys painting landscapes, seascapes, and colorful patterned art.

As a husband and a father of 3 homeschooled children, as well as a self-employed Accountant for an arts organization and other small businesses, creating art has been a consistent part of Dave's entire life.

Dave paints for the glory of God, recognizing that without Him, he is nothing! In 2020-21, Dave was humbled through a separation, divorce, and his family falling apart. In 2022, God changed his life and Jesus was invited in. He and his wife re-married each other in 2023 and their family was restored back together.

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