Customer Art Commission Reviews

“Highly recommend Dave White. He did a great job with a canvas painting of our new home; it had incredible attention to detail. We asked for a modern/contemporary style and he accommodated no problem. We had a special request to add our cat into the painting (on the porch) and it came out perfectly. Additionally, he created a custom frame for us and matched it to the colors in the painting perfectly. He was communicative throughout the process with updates and was timely in delivery. We received a high-res digital copy as well.”

S. Foster – Ashburn, VA

“Dave White was not only a great neighbor but he is a great artist and painter! We had to move out of One Loudoun and we asked him to paint us a picture of our home on canvas so that we can hang it in our new home. The painting surpassed all of our expectations and we will always have something from our great neighborhood in Virginia. The painting looks so real and Dave is a true talent!”

Steve R. – Westchester, NY

“I described to Dave White, on short notice, what I would like for a gift. Dave was awesome. He had a rough draft in a very short time and turned the project around quickly, so we had a unique, and personal gift! Thank you Dave! You rock!”

Danielle R. – Ashburn, VA

“David White is an extraordinarily talented artist. This past Christmas, I asked him if he could paint a picture of my sister, and I along with my entire family were greatly impressed with his work. My sister was super excited and we are absolutely in love with the painting. It was the perfect surprise and she admitted that it was the best present she has received all year. David is professional, kind and takes great pride in his clients satisfaction. I cannot express my appreciation for David….excellent job!”

Sumayya S. – Herndon, VA

“Dave is a fantastic artist. He painted a small portrait of my son as a baby based on a photograph. It is beautifully done and we will always cherish it. I highly recommend him for portraits!”

Emily M. – Knoxville, TN

“Dave is a fabulous artist!!! He designed & painted the most beautiful ocean scene mural for my treatment room. I have many children in my practice and I do my best to make my treatment room (which is on the first floor of my house) not look like a sterile medical facility. The mural is very soothing for the eyes and it gives the feel of being at the ocean. Dave is also a wonderful human being who loves doing his art and it shows in the finished product. He is easy to work with, trust worthy, gentle, and a good family man (all qualities that are important to me). He is open to suggestions and will give honest feedback. Another great quality I value is that he is meticulous about cleaning up after he if finished. He never left any messes, no paint drips anywhere, and he always straightened up the room. Also, I found his pricing to be very fair and considerate of me as the client and himself as a professional artist. To me this shows his integrity and self-confidence in his abilities. Because I work in the room where he was painting the mural he needed to come on off hours, and I was very comfortable with having him come even when we were gone (which was the major portion of the time he painted). He had access to come and go as he needed. If you need a mural painted I believe Dave White is the best person to hire to make that happen.”

Angela S. – Ashburn, VA

“Dave painted an impressive portrait of my two young daughters and we have it proudly displayed in our living room. He was professional and reliable, and managed to capture a precious moment in time for our family.”

Michele G. – West Orange, NJ

“Having known about Dave’s artistic ability, it was only a matter of time till I commissioned him.  Dave’s ability to paint self-portraits is notable for his technique in capturing expressions and use of colors to convey candid features of those who he has painted.  Dave did a fantastic job of painting a dog named Teddy by capturing his love to run in the outdoors.  The painting will be treasured for many years to come.   Thank you again Dave!”

Chad C. – Alexandria, VA

“Let me start by saying that Dave White is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever had the chance to meet. When I first approached Dave it was for a custom painting that I wanted created for my girlfriend. I planned to use this as a prop to propose.

I explained my idea for the content of the painting and Dave not only understood and was able to bring it to life, but he put his own artistic spin on it which added depth, creativity, and expression that I hadn’t fathomed.

Dave’s ability to bring what I had pictured in my mind to the canvas is uncanny. The time and dedication that he allowed to bring perfection to this artwork is unrivaled by any other artists I’ve ever worked with. He even helped me wrap it when I picked it up to present to my girlfried later that evening.

I highly recommend Dave to anyone with a need to consult or commission an artist.

Matthew Totsch, Northern Virginia

“After seeing some of Dave’s work from a close friend of mine that had some paintings done, I approached him about doing two paintings of our home to surprise my husband for Christmas.. I chose to unveil them the week before the big day in front of all my family! He could not have been more surprised!!! The look on his face was truly priceless as these two paintings are a perfect portrayal of our beloved home. To us they represent all of our hardwork, achievements, and most of all, our future. Thank you Dave for making this Christmas truly special for both of us. We will cherish our paintings forever!!”

Lauren K., Charles Town, West Virginia

“After seeing Dave’s wide variety of paintings on his website I decided to challenge him with painting my two Cairn Terriers. The end result is an amazing likeness of both of them and shows how well Dave can transform a special image into a magical oil reproduction. As a result he is now doing two more of my previous Cairns.”

Jim Lair, Leesburg, Virginia

“Dave thank you for the Catcher in the Rye painting; it is so significant to my life story. It was very easy to work with you and I am grateful to have this painting!”

 Jeff Johnson, Arlington, Virginia

“I love my beautiful painting that Dave White made for me. It is inspired by a still from the music video of “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes (one of my favorite songs).”

Tasha Stratton, Virginia

“WOW!!! Nice work man!! The stuff you did is amazing. My sister was so stoked!!! She was soooooo happy man! Thanks so much!”

Travis Bays, Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica

“I love trees because just as they are grounded – they make me feel grounded. AND I love cardinals and this tree is filled with cardinals! I keep the painting close to me in my office and glancing at it makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. Great work Dave!”

Brigitta T., Ashburn, Virginia

Thank you for the beautiful painting of Otis, my sister’s black lab. It brought tears to my eyes when you showed it to me. The likeness is incredible. My sister had the same reaction when I gave it to her. She can’t get over how well you captured his soulful expression. You are truly a gifted artist. Thanks, Dave.”

Kristen A., Alexandria, Virginia

I did a double take when I first saw the painting of Otis.  The loving expression in his eyes is exactly the way he looks up at us.  My husband was struck by the way Dave captured the nuances of Otis’ shiny black coat and the line of hair on his snout that stands straight up.  Otis is a miracle dog as he has outlived most dogs that have lymphoma.  I pray that he will be around for many years to come, and I am grateful that we now have a lasting memorial of him in Dave’s painting.”

Susan Wallace, Pennsylvania


“We are so pleased with our painting and looking forward to some more. It was easy working with you and your art work is amazing!”

Jenny S., San Clemente, California

“The artwork from Dave White captures a respect and love of nature. His brush strokes possess a movement of life. When viewing the winter scene, I can almost hear the sound of snow falling to the ground and feel the softness of the blanket of snow on the ground. My painting became an instant favorite winter decoration that I will always cherish.”

Terry R., Chalfont, Pennsylvania