Ocean Sunset Mural at Lost Rhino Retreat in Ashburn, VA

If you’re ever in the Brambleton area of Ashburn, check out the Lost Rhino Retreat restaurant! I’m currently working on a few mural paintings there, including one that I began today of an ocean sunset scene, with a rhino walking along the sand. Here is a photo of it partially completed, with the sky mostly painted in. After the sky is done, I’ll be painting the waves, rhino and sand. Stay tuned for the finished painting soon!

"lost rhino retreat", "lost rhino ashburn"
Lost Rhino Mural in Progress

Exchange Street Painting – Ashburn, VA

This is an oil painting work-in-progress for the One Loudoun Fine Art Exhibit on May 19th from 6-8pm! Exchange Street is the main street that runs through the One Loudoun neighborhood here in Ashburn, Virginia.

Exchange Street Work in Progress

Additions to the Ocean Life Mural

Last weekend upon the request of my client, I added more life to the coral reef section of the ocean life mural, including sergeant majors, red snappers, tarpons, eels, white tip sharks, lion fish, crabs, turtles, sea shells, lobster, oysters and clams. It was getting to be later in the afternoon and it was cloudy, plus I was hurrying out by the time I finished, so I didn’t get good photos of everything I added, but here are a few!

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Forest Friends Boys Room Mural Progress

Here is a photo of further progress on the forest friends mural, which is nearing completion! I added in a deer, cardinal bird, smiling owl, evergreen trees, mountains and clouds. My one and a half year-old son loved to see the “tweet tweet” birdies and the “woof woof” deer, while pointing at the mural and saying “whoaaaaa”. Any four-legged animal is equivalent to a dog to him. More photos to come upon completion!

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Forest Friends Boys Room Mural Progress

Forest Friends Mural

A Forest Mural for our Kids Room

Are you ever enchanted by a beautiful forest? Does a red cardinal, or mystical owl, peek your curiosity? Or the beauty of a deer quietly walking through a grassy clearing in the forest?

Last night I was excited to start a ‘forest friends’ mural in my toddler son’s room, which we plan on having him share with our other son who is due in April. This mural has been quite the project in the making! Since I’m a married man, of course I had to consult my wife on the design, and we went through about 20 different sketches before finding common ground on a design! My wife is full of beautiful abstract ideas, and envisioned a ‘journey of the soul’ through an enchanted forest with subtle grays, greens and browns to match the sage green paint in the room. While describing her vision, she would dance and make movements with her arms (for an Accountant like me, this can be difficult to interpret at times!). While her vision was very mature, I had to keep in mind our 2 young boys that I am painting this for. So I wanted to make the animals fun and kid-friendly as well.

Here is what I was able to paint last night, and I’ll be continuing this mural over the next several days.

Forest Friends Kids Mural Progress
Forest Friends Kids Mural Progress