Family Portrait Painting Progression

After much work sketching, measuring and aligning, I’ve got three of four family members onto the canvas and ready to paint! This portrait painting is unique in that because it’s a surprise, we had to gather photos of the four family members and put them together to appear as if they had posed together. ForContinue reading “Family Portrait Painting Progression”

“I’m Here, Loudoun” Mural for Mobile Hope of INOVA

Homeless Children in Loudoun County, Virginia Public art is often used to beautify spaces in the public domain and/or to convey a message. Recently, I painted and installed a mural painting to bring light to the situation of nearly 700 students that the Loudoun County Public School system has identified as homeless. There are likelyContinue reading ““I’m Here, Loudoun” Mural for Mobile Hope of INOVA”

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