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The Washington and Old Dominion Trail Paintings and Exhibit

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From November 5th – March 31st, check out the traveling “Art and Artifacts of the W&OD” exhibit that celebrates the W&OD trail and railway. The schedule is as follows:

  • Franklin Park Arts Center, Purcellville, VA – Nov 4th – Dec 5th
  • Purcellville Train Station, Purcellville, VA – Dec 5th – Jan 6th
  • Loudoun County Government Center GALLERY ONE, Leesburg, VA  – Jan 6th – Feb 28th
  • Trailside Middle School, Ashburn, VA – March 1st – March 13th
  • Meadowlark Park, Vienna, VA – March 13th – March 31st

I’ll have two framed watercolor paintings in the exhibit – one of the train station in Purcellville, and one of the location in Ashburn by the BBQ restaurant. Both framed original paintings are  available for purchase for $100 each. Prints are available for purchase here.

purcellville, purcellville virginia, purcellville art, w&od rail, washington and old dominion trail
W&OD Trail in Purcellville – Watercolor
ashburn, ashburn virginia, ashburn art, ashburn painting, w&od trail ashburn, w&od trail painting, washington and old dominion trail
W&OD Trail in Ashburn – Watercolor
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Forest Friends Mural

A few weeks ago I mostly finished the forest friends mural painting in my son’s bedroom, although I still plan on adding a stream of water in when I get a chance.

I took this picture a few weeks ago when my son was in the room with me and grabbed a paintbrush so that he could also paint!

Rafael Painting Mural

Here are a couple of other shots of the mural, complete with smiling animals like an owl, cardinal bird, deer and fox, with a sparrow bird, squirrel, butterflies, a mother dove flying over to her 2 babies in a nest, and a little boy running with a kite in his hand. Right before my wife and I found out she was pregnant with our 2nd son, two doves had set up a nest outside of our kitchen door and laid eggs for 2 babies that hatched over the course of the next month! So I had to include that in the painting.

forest mural, mural, boys room mural, kids mural, ashburn mural, loudoun mural
Forest Friends Mural


forest mural, mural, boys room mural, kids mural, ashburn mural, loudoun mural
Forest Friends Mural

I’ll post a few more photos after I add in the stream of water, and hopefully get some better lighting to see the color and detail a bit better.

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Father and Son Portrait Drawing

This portrait drawing was given to celebrate the Dad’s college graduation! The photo that the drawing is based on was taken at his thesis presentation, where he proudly holds his newborn son. This drawing is an 8″ x 10″ on paper, drawn with artist graphite pencils.

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Father and Son Portrait Drawing
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Ocean Life Mural Nearing Completion

More photos today from painting the ocean life mural, which is getting close to finished! Just have to finish painting in a colorful coral reef at the bottom!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Forest Friends Boys Room Mural Progress

Here is a photo of further progress on the forest friends mural, which is nearing completion! I added in a deer, cardinal bird, smiling owl, evergreen trees, mountains and clouds. My one and a half year-old son loved to see the “tweet tweet” birdies and the “woof woof” deer, while pointing at the mural and saying “whoaaaaa”. Any four-legged animal is equivalent to a dog to him. More photos to come upon completion!

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Forest Friends Boys Room Mural Progress
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Forest Friends Mural

A Forest Mural for our Kids Room

Are you ever enchanted by a beautiful forest? Does a red cardinal, or mystical owl, peek your curiosity? Or the beauty of a deer quietly walking through a grassy clearing in the forest?

Last night I was excited to start a ‘forest friends’ mural in my toddler son’s room, which we plan on having him share with our other son who is due in April. This mural has been quite the project in the making! Since I’m a married man, of course I had to consult my wife on the design, and we went through about 20 different sketches before finding common ground on a design! My wife is full of beautiful abstract ideas, and envisioned a ‘journey of the soul’ through an enchanted forest with subtle grays, greens and browns to match the sage green paint in the room. While describing her vision, she would dance and make movements with her arms (for an Accountant like me, this can be difficult to interpret at times!). While her vision was very mature, I had to keep in mind our 2 young boys that I am painting this for. So I wanted to make the animals fun and kid-friendly as well.

Here is what I was able to paint last night, and I’ll be continuing this mural over the next several days.

Forest Friends Kids Mural Progress
Forest Friends Kids Mural Progress


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Jumping Whale and Dolphins, Sea Turtles. More mural progress.

Painting upside down is a real workout! I hope Michelangelo had a really good chiropractor when he painted the Sistine Chapel. Today I started on the underside of the mural that I’m painting in a townhouse studio in Ashburn, while also painting in jumping whales and dolphins, a sea turtle, and colorful sea fish!

Ocean Life Mural Progress

Ocean Life Mural Progress 2

Ocean Life Mural Progress 3

After talking with my client, I’ll be extending the painting down onto the wall below to add in a coral reef. Looking good so far!

If you like the jumping whale artwork, prints can be purchased online here on a 12″ x 16″ gallery-wrapped canvas that comes ready to hang in your home –

jumping whale, whale, art, painting, whale painting
Jumping Whale Bliss


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Ocean Life Mural Update Photos

This morning I had a chance to paint more of the ocean life mural, as my clients have returned from their vacation! Here are some before and after photos.


Ocean Life Mural 1

Ocean Life Mural 2




Tomorrow morning I’ll paint in the rest of the animals and start the bottom side of the mural.

At some point in the next week or two, I also plan to start a forest-life mural for my one and a half year old son’s bedroom!

As always, you can contact me at for any art inquiries.

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Mural Update

I’ve been slow to post, but here are a couple photo updates of the ocean life wall mural I’m painting at a home nearby here in Ashburn!

ocean life mural, ashburn artist
Ashburn Mural Ocean Life Progress
Ocean Life Mural, Ashburn Artist
Ashburn Mural Ocean Life Progress

The mural runs about 10 feet along the side and bottom of the soffit in the room. I’ve got the base layers of paint on for the sky and clouds, so next will be the fun part of adding the animals and water, which will really bring everything alive with color!

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Ocean Life Wall Mural

Recently I’ve begun an ocean life mural painting inside the studio of a Cranial-Sacral Therapist here in Ashburn. We’re both super excited to see the transformation of the room as it comes alive with color!

This mural is being painted on a soffit that runs along the ceiling in the room, so it incorporates both an eye-level view upon walking into the room, as well as a view of looking up while laying down on the cranial-sacral therapy bed.

When entering the room, the viewer will see the ocean as it meets the sky, with birds, turtles, whales, dolphins, fish, a sea horse and a mermaid. When lying down, the perspective will change to one of looking upwards through the water, while seeing the bottoms of turtles, whales, fish, and the mermaid tail.

While painting upside down is admittedly hard on my neck (I don’t know how Michelangelo ever painted the Sistine Chapel!), the result will be worth it. I’ve found myself doing yoga poses as I work to alleviate the kinks!

I’ll post pictures as the mural progresses!