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“Sun Shining on the Red Barn” Painting

Did you know that red and green are complementary colors on the color wheel? Complementary colors are pleasing to the human eye. No wonder that barns are traditionally painted red, given that they are often surrounded by green!

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Sun Shining on the Red Barn

This acrylic painting of a red barn against a backdrop of green forest is painted on gallery-wrapped canvas that measures 16″ x 20″ and is ready to hang.¬†Shipping to anywhere in the United States is included in the price of $450.¬†Contact me using the form below to purchase:

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“The Barn” painting

In our One Loudoun neighborhood, there’s a beautiful restored historic red barn that was originally built in 1875. Behind the barn lies Central Park and in front of the barn is a large lawn for crowds to gather during events. My wife and I had some of our maternity photos taken at the barn, as it serves as an eye-appealing backdrop!

This weekend I’ll be starting a new painting of a couple barrels of flowers in front of the red walls of the barn.