Cactus Painting

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Recently I was commissioned by some friends of ours, Adam and Ciara, to do a cactus painting, as they live in Southern California (having previously lived in New York City) and have really gotten into them. They wanted a larger-sized painting, but the creative license was left up to me for this one.

After mentally cycling through several ideas, I decided upon painting two cacti in a pot, with a flower growing out of the top of one of them. This, I thought, would symbolize them as a couple growing together.

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Cactus Painting on 20″ x 30″ Organic Cotton Canvas

The painting is done with acrylic, gouache and watercolor paints!

Adam and Ciara met while serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in the country of Guinea, in West Africa. Prior to that, I had met Adam while we both served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Costa Rica. Yes, that’s right, he did two stints of over 2 years each TWICE in a row! Good golly.

Art prints of this cactus painting are available here.



Beach Cactus, Orange Seashell, Biking to Manzanillo

Beach Cactus

When I was exploring this beach, Playa Panama, in Costa Rica, I was surprised to come upon a cactus at a far edge of the beach! It seemed to be majestically standing guard over the turquoise blue water.

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Beach Cactus – SOLD

Orange Seashell

There are thousands of seashells lying on any given beach, but you really can appreciate each one:

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Glowing Seashell – SOLD

Bike Ride to Manzanillo

Manzanillo is a half-hour bike ride south of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Bike Ride to Manzanillo, Costa Rica

It’s nearly in Panama. You feel like you really are “away from it all”, and the truth is, once you leave Puerto Viejo, you are. It does get hot, so bring water to drink…

Dog in Manzanillo Costa Rica

Or cool off in the water:

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Manzanillo Beach – SOLD