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The Sky Connects Everyone

Where did the inspiration for this painting come from?

In the very occasional moments at home when there are no meals to be made, no household chores to be done, and my son is fast asleep, I’ll step outside onto our front steps, sit down, and look up at the sky. The sky is always changing and oftentimes appears to me like a beautiful work of art. The sky is also an element of nature that everyone on earth can look at, so it connects us all.

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The Sky Connects Everyone; Watercolor on Paper
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Sky Photography Day 3

It’s day 3 of my sky photography posts, which I’ve been doing as a less time-consuming creative artistic outlet, since so much of my time lately has been spent with my baby son! Here is an early evening shot of the sky. You can see a plane flying on the middle-left of the photo.

sky photography, sky, photography, art, artist dave white, sunset, evening


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Abstract Paintings by God – Sky Photography

The area that my wife and I live in, in Loudoun County, Virginia, has the most beautiful skyscapes, that remind me of the open sky I always thought was so normal growing up in Indiana. If you go just a couple miles away from here, it seems like the view of the sky isn’t as expansive as it is right where we live!

Since I haven’t had so much time to create paintings since our son was born, I thought I’d post daily (to the best of my ability) photos I’ve been taking of the sky as another creative outlet.

It’s so easy to miss the beautiful skyscapes in the midst of our busy daily living, so I’ve been making a conscious effort to appreciate the natural beauty in the sky, which seems to me to be like ever-changing abstract paintings of God.

sky photography, sky photographer, artist dave white, sky, clouds, skyscape, art