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Oil Portrait for the Holidays

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This portrait painting is going to be given as a surprise gift for Christmas from the husband to the wife!

Finishing a portrait painting always feels like a grand accomplishment to me. A lot of work goes into these, from the initial construction of the canvas, to measuring proportions and sketching out the image, to painting all of the details, subtle tonal changes, and adding depth through thin layers of paint!

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Surprise Oil Portrait Painting Gift
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Progress on Portrait Painting

Here’s some recent progress on the portrait painting I’m currently working on:

Oil Portrait Progress

I just have to paint in the marina in the background, and her husband next to her! It’s still quite a bit of work left – each person takes around 20 hours to draw and paint. The background probably takes about 10 hours of work…and making the canvas is about 2 hours of work…for a rough estimate of about 52 hours of work! It should be a great gift and I’m looking forward to delivering the finished painting!

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Painting Hair

Painting hair in a portrait painting can be rather tricky! If you’re like me and have very short hair, or even better yet (or worse?), if you’re bald, it’s rather easy. BUT, if you have a head full of curls, that is a whole ‘nother story!

I’m not sure how other Artists do it, but what I do is draw out all of the details of the hair, with proper proportional measurements, and start painting it all in with layer after layer, gradually blending it all together and getting the colors right. The lighting was low when I took this photo, so the colors are a little off, but here is a current shot of where I’m at with this portrait:

I need to soften up the lines a bit more on the blending of all of the strands of hair and continue adjusting the colors some, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely!

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All Done for the Holidays! Last Oil Portrait Completed

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It’s been a rush, but I finally finished the last portrait painting on my list for the holidays, just in time for it to be given as a Christmas gift. A┬ástudent midwives at NOVA Natural Birth Center┬ácommissioned me for this painting, to be given as a gift to her older sister. It’s an oil painting on a 16″ x 20″ Belgian Linen gallery-wrapped canvas.

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Commissioned Oil Portrait Painting