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Gulf of Mexico Sunset over Texas Coastline – Oil Painting for Sale

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Gulf of Mexico Sunset over Texas Coastline – SOLD

While on a flight descending into Houston, I was lucky to be in the window seat watching a beautiful sunset over the Texas coastline.

Escape into colorful sunset hues each time you gaze upon this oil painting in your home or office!



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Crystal Beach – Palm Harbor, Florida. Original Oil Painting

Crystal Beach Original Oil Painting – 8″ x 10″ on Canvas

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Crystal Beach, Florida Oil Painting – SOLD

Crystal Beach is one of my most favorite beaches in the world. It’s located in Palm Harbor, Florida, a community in Pinellas County, across the bay from Tampa.

Though named Crystal Beach, it’s not so much a beach as it is a large, calm body of water with a long pier that extends out into the water; the perfect place to kick back and take in sunsets.

Here I have witnessed the most beautiful sunsets along its Gulf of Mexico horizon.