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Watercolor of the One Loudoun Clubhouse

With the new pathway to the One Loudoun clubhouse, it’s easy to walk from our residential part of the neighborhood to the clubhouse. Not only that, it’s a nice walk through nature! You get to walk along the creek, cross over it on the bridge, and continue along the wooden pathway as the trees yield to a bird-watching wetlands. After that comes the clubhouse! I love our neighborhood.

This watercolor painting on paper is painted from the view of having crossed the bridge and looking through the trees towards the clubhouse, which has an awesome architectural design. This painting is part of my growing One Loudoun Art Collection.

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Walking to the Clubhouse
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Painting ‘Plein Air’ – Springtime at Saranac Park

Springtime Painting in the Park

Yesterday was such a beautiful day outside that I decided to pack my art supplies and walk down to the Saranac Linear Park here in One Loudoun with my son in his stroller. Painting ‘plein air’ (painting outdoors on-site) isn’t something I’ve normally done, but the idea of it sounded fun, so we gave it a try. Well, it was worth it! Lots of people outside, fresh air, warm weather, chirping birds, green grass, flowing water…we even saw a beaver building its dam and a great blue heron walking in the creek. There is actually a great blue heron rookery nearby that is recognized by the State of Virginia’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) as a “Critical Wildlife Resource.” I sat on a bench overlooking the creek, while my son sat in his stroller next to me playing with his teething toy. Just in the past few days, everything has turned so green with the rain from last week!

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 – watercolor on paper

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Spring at Saranac Park 4-11-15